Let it ‘no’, let it ‘no’, let it ‘no’, or ‘how now, Ron Howe?’

Damn, those anti-snow grinches were able to raise the snow repellent shield around Davidson County just in time to thwart the fun. How do the counties SURROUNDING Davidson County get snow, and we get NaDa?

You think your kids are grumpily disappointed by the lack of a snow day? Try waking up with a REALLY disappointed teacher. There are dimensions of bitter heretofore hidden to me. If I was Joe Case/Ron Howe/Casey Statum or any of the other weather ‘seers’, I’d look closely before crossing major intersections..there might be a teacher with bad intent barreling through said intersection.



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9 responses to “Let it ‘no’, let it ‘no’, let it ‘no’, or ‘how now, Ron Howe?’

  1. the snow repellent shield around Davidson County

    That’s pretty much how described what happened this morning to David!! In fact I’m working a on graphic (a very low tech one, but whatever) about that phenomenon.

  2. I swear…we need to come up with some sort of revenge on the snow haters.

    I’m just glad our schools were closed for sickness or else I’d have had a housefull of pissed of kids.

  3. KC

    “How do the counties SURROUNDING Davidson County get snow, and we get NaDa?”

    Heat from the buildings. At least that’s what I was always told growing up in Indiana. It’s probably part urban legend, but my understanding is that a metro area, with large concentrations of people, their bodily gasses and heated buildings can create a type of humidity-absorption and temperature rise, causing less snow in the urban area than in the surrounding rural counties.

    I can’t count the time that Allen and Whitley counties had snow days while Fort Wayne Community Schools did not.

  4. My first thoughts this morning were for the poor teachers who didn’t get a snow day. LOL We in Wilson County got one, but living here in Davidson County with no snow on the ground I feel like a fraud. LOL I’m not sure what they got in Wilson County and I’m definitely not complaining. Here’s to better luck tonight!

  5. svanhoesen

    I was in Bellevue last night and it was just snowing away. Than I drove home and the moment I hit Belle Meade everything stopped,…I never saw another flake again. Its a curse! A curse I tell ya!

  6. Not even a flake of snow in my yard, and yet Rutherford County Schools…closed.

  7. I did wake up with a disappointed teacher!

  8. Global Warming.
    Yeah, I blame everyone who knows something about this.

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