Bears 23 Colts 17 ( final score and other prognostications)

I’m thinking we’re going to see the Peyton Manning ‘face’ beginning in the late 3rd period and several times thereafter. There will be 125 shots of Archie, Jughead Eli and the whole Manning entourage before, during and after the game.

Tomorrow’s Peyton Gazatte aka The Tennessean will be comprised completely of stories about Peyton and Peyton’s commercials UNLESS a beautiful high school teacher is discovered to be carrying on a torrid affair with a 14 year old, in which case the editors will be so overcome with emotional confusion that it will appear that Peyton is the one having the affair…we’ll have to sort out with whom.

The following song chorus will be stuck in your head tonight and for days to come: Thisss is ourrrrrrrrrr countryyy.

125,353 spouses and family members will traipse through the millions of TV viewing rooms during the game and will ask ‘what’s the score?’ 97.3% of these spouses will be 100% apathetic about the answer.

If Tim McCarver is shown at ANY time during the event, I’ll quit watching…



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2 responses to “Bears 23 Colts 17 ( final score and other prognostications)

  1. Ivy

    Well, you had the 17 part right, but it was for the wrong team. 😉 Better luck next time!

  2. I wish that were the final score. *sigh* I think I’ll avoid any and all news outlets for the next couple days. Can’t stomach anymore Peyton crap. It’s sickening. LOL

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