Havin’ my baby, what a lovely way to say*..good grief, another shower post..

I couldn’t think of any more ‘shower’ puns that had not already been used to describe the events of yesterday. I guess the Scene has more grist for their milling of bloggers, because a bunch of us went to honor the Sarcastros and a bunch of us have written (and probably WILL write) about THE baby shower of 2007.

I’ve been to two baby showers. The one before yesterday was a party to which I was invited and during which a shower broke out. I’ve repressed most of that experience, but I didn’t drive and I didn’t have a firearm, so I was stuck and no one was winged.

Anyway, yesterday I was proud to honor the impreganator (Kate’s wonderful term), Sarcastro and his lovely wife. It was a pleasure to meet said wife, and no matter how much it pains some people to say this, Sarcastro is a good man. The fact that yesterday’s baby non-buggy blast was the first B.S. I attended intentionally should go a long way towards explaining the esteem (is he McEsteemy to Ms. Sar?) in which Sarcastro is held in these (and many other) parts.

I agreed to the invitation for the above reasons and also because our wonderful hosts (Ginger and Sista) promised, swore and vowed that there would be NO, ABSOLUTELY NO cutesy wootsy games or any contests of any kind. No baby naming conventions, no pin the tail on Ceeelcee (that may have been suggested at one point during a lunch I had with the hosts), no nothing, except for blogger mixing.

Even though most bloggers CLAIM to be shy and introverted, the words and conversation always seem to spill over the edges like the water in a fat man’s tub. I apparently was in the ‘bible discussion’ room and missed the porn and sex discussion in the next room. I can say that in my two score and 14 years on this mortal coil that I am at one with the latter (uh, did that sound right?) and have heard tales about the former (I’m thinking that Lynn is reading my blog again).

Seriously, it is always a treat to see the members of da’ community of the blog, from Brittney the ‘glue’ to Lynnster the goddess of all things WordPress and all the others. I enjoyed discussing THIS post with my wonderful neighbor Kate, and of course, never miss an opportunity to kibbutz with the non-poisonous Ivy. As nice looking as some of the males in the room appeared, JJ Dubin, once again, wins good-looking male of the afternoon.

Here’s wishing the Sarcastro family, the ones already walking around, and the boy to come, the best. Despite his downright disrespect of the Velvet Underground (a seminal band who understood the essence of rock and roll), the man (and his family) certainly deserved the attention, gifts and affection (carefully eschewing the ‘L’ word) they received yesterday.

Thanks again to Ginger and Sista (and Jim) for hosting the showering de’ jour. No testosterone was lost during the course of the shower.

*That song is definitely in the bottom 10 of all songs of all times in all genres. It’s down there with the endless seasick-making ‘Wreck of the Edmund Fitgerald’ and ‘Yummy Yummy Yummy I’ve got Love in my Tummy’.


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One response to “Havin’ my baby, what a lovely way to say*..good grief, another shower post..

  1. KC

    Hey, I happen to LOVE ‘Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald’.


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