English, the official language of Tennessee, is now the official language of Nashville

The Department of Redundancy Department would like to thank Councilman Crafton for making double sure that we know we speak English here in Nashville, TENNESSEE. Crafton’s xenophobic watered-down ‘English only first official language bill somehow passed tonight in our illustrious City Council chambers.

The lawyers of Nashville should also applaud the measure based on the business they will receive as a result of the bill and its dubious constitutionality.

According to S-townMike (I just couldn’t make myself watch), Crafton cited a poll by Marsha Blackburn and an internal poll (aka he asked some people in his family) to determine that he was speaking for the Hispanic population.

Using Marsha Blackburn for a poll of this nature would be like Steve Cohen citing the Daily Kos and Huffington Post as sources for a bill to end the Iraqi war.

Adding to the total hypocrisy of Crafton’s bill is the lack of support for adult education for those people who WANT to learn English. The whole thing is based on political fear that something has to be done about these damn immigrants.

In the end, what has Crafton accomplished? He’ll make it a little more difficult for the older immigrants to easily assimilate (the kids are learning the language). Some misunderstandings, hopefully minor, will occur and unnecessary conflict will ensue….are ya happy now Mr. Crafton?

Oh yeah…maybe we’ll get some of those Aryan Nation conventions now that we’ve purified our language.



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9 responses to “English, the official language of Tennessee, is now the official language of Nashville

  1. I think that night school for adults is the perfect vehicle to learn English and it should be free of charge.

  2. the unsaid truth is that the immigrants DO want to learn English. Why don’t we help them substantively rather than passing jingo-bills?

  3. Tonight is proof that we still have people running this town from the Hee Haw era.

  4. eh, I used that line in my own personal post…

  5. When will we require our President to speak English as a first language?

  6. oooh, Sharon! Good one! 🙂

  7. Mack

    Dept of redundancy, heh.

  8. “:, that seems to be a great topic, i really love it ;.-

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