Metro Council slush fund follies, or, remind me when I’m elected to the City Council not to appropriate money to any group for which I’m the FREAKING treasurer*..

I knew that S-townMike would be all over this one, but I have to weigh in. It probably only seems like every time an ethically or morally challenged bill is in motion in Metro, one or both of the ‘Many-dodo twins (Crafton and Tygard) is involved.

If it’s not helping the Hispanic population by attempting to deny them information in Spanish or trading alley closures for votes for a public school board spot to a home schooling mom (thanks Ludy-cris!), one of these two goofballs is attempting to actually appropriate councilmatic slush funds to an organization TREASURED BY the councilman appropriating the money**.

Did Tygard miss the seminar on conflict of interest?

The council should take the money and use it to support, enhance or aid PUBLIC projects or facilities. Do you guys not understand where this money is coming from?

*I’m not planning on running, nor would I expect to be elected. Just speculating…

**The story is on the front page of the LOCAL section in today’s Tennessean. I would link to the paper, but they keep asking for a sign-in and password that I entered three times already without success. C’mon Tennessean…I’m linking YOU.


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