One more note about moving to WordPress..

If any of you are considering the jump but haven’t done so…

This past weekend either at Sarcastro’s soiree or around coffee/beer afterwards, we were talking about Blogger and WordPress (yes, we wave our geek flags high) and I was talking about how happy I was with WordPress and how helpful the Lynnster was in that process.

Lynnster exclaimed (before she realized what this was going to sound like)..’if John can do it, ANYBODY can do it’. Everyone, including me, laughed. So you see, when the Wizard of WordPress tells you that even an idjit like me can do it, then I find it hard to believe that anyone would have great difficulty in negotiating the world of WP.

On a slightly different note, but sticking with my basic moronality, I recorded (DVR’d?) Friday Night Lights last week because Vandy was on TV playing Florida at that time. I do have my priorities (go ‘Dores!).

Lynn also enjoys FNL, so I told her that we could watch it when I came home from work on Wednesday night. We ate some dinner, got cozy, turned on the TV and pulled up the recording of ‘Friday Night Lights’ and instead of hitting the ‘play’ button on the remote, I neatly and cleanly deleted the show…damn. In the words of Yosemite Sam…whatta maroooon!.

I tell that on myself to underline the wisdom of the Lynnster’s words…



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2 responses to “One more note about moving to WordPress..

  1. Ahhhhhhh….. I didn’t mean it the way it sounded!! Heh. Like I said, I meant your frustration and aggravation with the little details… not your technical expertise (nor any lack thereof, which you don’t have any lack thereof anyway…. ahhhhhh!).

    Talkin’ about waving our geek flags high… later on I really felt kinda sorry for that poor guy who was sitting behind at Portland Brew late that night. He probably heard enough geeky blogger crap sitting there he’s already found all our blogs and checked out what serious geekazoids we all really are… I’m surprised, in retrospect, he didn’t get up and move, our whole conversation had to be a real snooze for him (unless he was a clandestine blogger who didn’t out himself)…

  2. Love the DVR story. Stuff like that is day in the life type stuff around here, starring your truly as the lovable idiot.

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