Warning to the Tennessean

If Peyton Manning is on the front page of the paper Tuesday morning, the subscription is so OVER.  ENOUGH.



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5 responses to “Warning to the Tennessean

  1. Hee.
    You make me laugh.
    Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll have Eli on the cover with a story about how it feels to be in his brother’s shadow.

  2. Ask Ceeelcee..I swear he has been on the cover of MY Tennessean for 8 straight days. If I see a front page pic of him cavorting with any large rodentia with flappy ears while wearing one of those stupid hats, I’m really will throw my paper back through the window…while it is closed.

  3. Well, was he on the front page again today?

    You know you might as well prepare for the Sunday paper, probably.

  4. We got a one-day reprieve from Peyton-ness on the front page. I’m sure when they have the parade for the triumphant Colts, we’ll see him in the back seat of a convertible waving to the adoring masses. What we probably won’t see is the entire editorial staff of the Tennessean in the crowd (or is that audience???), all wearing Peyton jerseys dampened by their tears of joy. Yes..i’m bitter.

  5. %*&#@^%* Peyton Manning.

    I’m bitter as well. Very much so. But what else could I be after years of being a fan of the 49ers and the Titans?

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