FYI, FYE doesn’t tower

I zoom zoom zoomed to the new FYE store after work yesterday to pick up a copy of the new Patty Griffin CD*. In case you didn’t know, or even if you already know, FYE has taken over the old Tower store on West End.

As my buddy Rob once said after I picked him up in our old Subaru station wagon which had been used for 6 years to haul small children, dogs, art supplies, garden supplies and God knows what else..

I love what you’ve done with the place…

They do have some cheap prices right there as you enter and a LOT of used CDs, but the decor is comparable to Big Lots..actually the place reminds me of the now-defunct Zayre’s store that used to be on Murfreesboro Road which so morose and drab that people actually drove up the street to K-Mart just to feel alive.

The woman who told me that they were out of the new Patty Griffin was really nice and helpful. She asked around and actually pulled a manager from the back who told me, and I quote:

You might want to go to Borders

So, I did what I should have done in the first place. I drove to Grimey’s where they had a goodly number of this incredible CD. Grimey’s is a wonderful place and they don’t make you feel like you need ‘hip’ replacement when you walk though the door.

I’m giving FYE less than a year.

*There’s this song called Trapeze which I think is the 3rd track where EmmyLou comes in with these harmonies and it just makes you understand why music feeds the soul.



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2 responses to “FYI, FYE doesn’t tower

  1. I am not hip to Patty Griffin but will definitely check her out. I am not a big fan of corporate music stores (yes I just watched/read “High Fidelity” and “Empire Records” in the last few months). Most of the music that I enjoy will not be found anywhere but on the web anyways. I do enjoy hunting for vinyl, though, at yardsales and fleamarkets and then I feel better.

  2. svanhoesen

    FYE sucks! And Grimeys is so wonderfully Nashvegas.

    As for Patty Griffin, whenever your feeling super generous and can let her go for a bit,…you could maybe mosey on over and let me burn a copy;)

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