What do ya mean, you don’t like chocolate?

does this come in middle managment size?

Insert your own….uh….joke here.

Stolen, as usual, from Parlancheq.



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5 responses to “What do ya mean, you don’t like chocolate?

  1. Do you think they make them in bigger sizes?

    Do they have a sugar free version?

  2. Do they make it in dark chocolate?

  3. The caption on the packaging reminds me of a story Karsten tells about a song screening session he went to once in California, where this wannabe cowboy songwriter was pitching a song called “Try This Heart On For Size” in complete seriousness, seemingly unaware of the hysterics he was causing in the room full of listeners.

    That song seems like the perfect jingle for this product. Wonder if that faux-cowboy songwriter knows about it. 🙂

  4. ah, and that opens a whole ‘nother door of comedy…

    Appropriate song titles:

    *”A Great Big Hole in my Heart”
    *”Don’t Phunk with My Heart”
    …for my ex-husband’s kind…”I Left My Heart In San Francisco”
    …and then there’s “I Guess My Eyes Were Bigger Than Your Heart”
    …or if there’s an, ahem, medical issue involved…”Achy Breaky Heart”
    …from the I wouldn’t admit this dept…”An Empty Heart”…oh no!
    …and for you Catholics out there, “Rhythm of My Heart”

  5. “My heart is so big for you, it keeps falling off…”

    “It tastes so good (until you get to the chewy center, then it kind of tastes like chicken)…”

    “I’ve got a hole in my heart that can only be filled by Mr Happy…”

    “My heart let me down…it gives me no support at all…”

    Somebody stop me!

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