IN Tube-essence…a few questions that need to be asked

1) After watching the latest Jessica Simpson Pizza Hut ad, I’ve finally had an epiphany:   Don’t you think she looks just like  Donald (or maybe Daisy) Duck?

2) Are the other actors from the original cast of Lost (well, the ones who haven’t been knocked off yet) totally cheesed at ‘Jack’, ‘Kate’, and ‘Sawyer’? Have any of the ‘old islanders’ actually been paid for this season?

3) Did you see the 60sish-kindascruffy chick last night on American Idol who sang ‘Whipping Post’? She didn’t come out looking all flash and over-made-up. She seemed a little shy, but when she opened her mouth and started singing, were you thinking, WOW, this is one tough song to sing…at least before the chorus..because it doesn’t really have an easily singable melody? Did you think she was going to be THAT good? Could she possibly win this thing? *

4) Did the writers of 24 forget to take their anti-predictability pills when they wrote the last episode (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT). If you didn’t know that Jack’s dad was a ‘bad guy’ from the beginning, then you haven’t watched enough TV. You also had to know that Chloe’s ex was going to be the guy ‘recruited’ to build the ‘trigger’ .

5) Speaking of 24: Ok, you’re a terrorist (not you, or YOU, uh..NSA Snoop types, this is a theoretical). You’ve been around on the 5 ‘days’ that Jack Bauer has previously saved the President, saved Los Angeles, saved Los Angeles again, saved the world, and saved Los Angeles again from total destruction. We all know that Jack is a ruthless bad-ass. If you actually have Jack handcuffed in the back of the car or hand-cuffed to a pole or in some type of captivity YOU NEED TO SHOOT HIM THEN. If you wait for more than 4 minutes, he will escape and kill your ass into sweeps week. What are you waiting for you stupid terrorists?**

*I”m sorry. I watch AI at least some of the time. It’s true
** I don’t REALLY want Jack Bauer to be killed by terrorists. I want America to be safe and free from terrorism, terrorists types and alert to the total possibility that at least ONE of the Presidential advisors (if not the President) is a terrorist mole.



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6 responses to “IN Tube-essence…a few questions that need to be asked

  1. That girl on AI had a total Melissa Ethridge vibe…loved it!!! If you’re asking if from her appearance if I knew she would sing good…well, I could tell from the way she carried herself that she was very comfortable in the environment…that obviously wasn’t her first rodeo. So, yeah, I was anticipating her to be a rocker…and boy, did she ROCK!

  2. The AI girl. Wow! In all honesty I thought that she would be terrible. I dreaded hearing her and then she said she would be singing “Whipping Post”! Oh great someone to ruin a classic. After hearing Bo Bice belt that out I figured that no one else would do it justice…boy was I wrong! I will definitely be rooting for the so-called unattractive people this season who normally wouldn’t fit the role of an American Idol.

  3. yeah, I thought that girl who made the weird faces was good too…but I have heard a lot of negative comments about her vocals…maybe I’m losing my hearing…

  4. Mack

    Being a classically trained singer, I am usually quite forgiving of people that attempt to sing difficult songs and fall a tad short….overall i thought she did fine. However, being an extremely good looking person, I have to take issue with the idea that someone unattractive might actually becaome a star! Not in my America.

    Ok, so i read the entire post, but I’m not familiar with any of these programs. Couldn’t you have written about the Simpsons, perhaps?

  5. I’m so with you on 4 and I’ve been saying 5 for a long time.

  6. Mack is sooooo busted. Come out of the closet, pal…you’ve been watching AI this whole time, why I’ll bet you even TiVo it, doncha?

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