I’ve got a large question

Why is it funny for a male to dress up in a ‘fat suit’ and make ‘fat’ jokes? What is entertaining about the visual ‘hilarity’ that ensues when a really obese person enters the scene?

I don’t think there should be campaigns against Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence. I just don’t understand why people spend money for this crap.



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2 responses to “I’ve got a large question

  1. I don’t quite understand where the hilarity comes from myself. But then again, I watched two movies last weekend that was supposed to be comedies and I found them decidely unfunny…both Talladega Nights and Benchwarmers were bereft of humor.

    I had to pop in Clerks 2 to remind myself you can be crude and funny….

  2. Man, what is with all the hatin’ on Talledega Nights? I’ll admit I have pretty pedestrian taste in movies, but damn! I thought it was hilarious. Maybe I’m just that obsessed with Sacha Baron Cohen.

    As for your question, John, I don’t have a clue. But it makes me sad that Eddie Murphy’s career revolves around him and several different fat suits.

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