Oh heavenly day – Patty Griffin is charmed

Patty sang the ‘single’ from her new CD last night on David Letterman. Patty is about as big as ‘a minute’ as my granny used to say, but she has a voice as big as the south. Her performance last night was nearly perfect…it was one of those performances that end a little differently than the norm. After the last note, there was almost a second of what seemed like reverent silence followed by thunderous applause.

I’ve seen Griffin in person several times most notably at the Ryman. I’ve seen LOTS of shows over my protracted adolescence, but I never see audiences respond to any other artist they way they respond to Griffin. It’s almost sacred, even though the shows are not festooned with overtly religious songs.

Last night’s performance featured a song that is a reworking of the melody of a great Sam Cooke song – ‘You Send Me’. It really doesn’t get much better than Sam Cooke. Griffin understands that if you show restraint and don’t over-sing the song and don’t sing 4 notes when only one will suffice, that a crescendo ending the song has meaning.

I’m obviously a huge fan…you really oughta listen to THIS.



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4 responses to “Oh heavenly day – Patty Griffin is charmed

  1. I wish I’d have known – we have her song “Mary” in our playlist. Next time, we’ll do it just for you

  2. I just downloaded “Crying Over’ and “My Dear Old Friend.” I want to be her when I grow up.

  3. svanhoesen

    You’ve made my day neighbor,….I have forever melted in the Patty Griffin realm (its been a long time). Thanks,…i have really needed this kind of peace. (I’ve tried three times to drop it off but you weren’t home,…I promise to get it to you as soon as i see you are home,…you must be missing the sweetness).

  4. I heard “Heavenly Day” yesterday on the radio. I LOVED that song. Guess what I will be purchasing soon?

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