Bouncing around the East End, or, Slarti plays for the mayor (and a few wonderful commoners)

Today we took Slartibartfast’s invitation to church seriously. His group (X-Alt) was one of the main events today at the Sunday morning service at East End United Methodist Church. I’m sure someday Slarti is going to look up from his keyboards and see my smiling face and regret his open invitation policy. Anyway, Slarti’s band shook it up and out for several songs (I’ve never actually considered ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ as a polka, but hey, if it works, it works) including a rousing ‘Oh Happy Days’ that easily rivaled the Edwin Hawkins Singers’ version.

The mayor was in attendence (I think he is a regular) and he made a beeline to the band after the service was over, presumably to compliment the performance (hey, he’s got taste). I was slightly tempted to ask the mayor as he walked by me and spoke to me (with a leery eye, I might add, not that I blame him) – ‘uh, Mr. Mayor, would you PLEASE veto that stupid English bill’, but, (a) I’m really kind of a nervous around big-wigs, (b) I’m scared he might call his security guards, and (c) it really wasn’t the place.

I’m a lucky guy sometimes. I got to sit between two wonderful beautiful women during the service and despite all the pulchritude surrounding me, I ‘got into’ the service, the sermon, and especially the music. We all got to meet another really cool blogger – Linda Creekmore, of Fixin’ Supper fame.

The sanctuary worked better for the band than the Ashland City coffee shop where we last heard them. Slarti gets into his music…he’s got a delightfully geeky style (I say that with the highest of complimentary thoughts). I love watching him play because he has his passion and he is living that passion. There’s not much better than that (and I have to add, the guy CAN sing).
Cafe Marche’

We rolled down to Cafe Marche’ after the service and had one of the greatest brunches of our Nashville life. Holy camembert , this place rocks the brunch party. The coffee alone is worth the trip. I strongly recommend Marche’ for brunch or any other meal it happens to serve (I’ve been there for lunch twice, supper once and now for’s all good).

Thumbs up for East End United Methodist, for X-Alt (esp. Slarti) and Cafe Marche’. Thumbs WAY up to my two delightful pew mates: my wife and the wonderful Jag. Great company, and they nicely and patiently put up with me pretty much the entire time.



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5 responses to “Bouncing around the East End, or, Slarti plays for the mayor (and a few wonderful commoners)

  1. I doubt I would have said anything to the Mayor either. However, I think Church is the perfect place for that. Jesus wasn’t a nationalist, and we shouldn’t be either.

  2. Sean – you are probably right about Church being the perfect place. I’m pretty much a chicken, though.

    I agree totally with your last line.

  3. Alas, to see Slartibartfast in action would be so cool.

  4. Ok, next time, I’m totally in for brunch. Shopping be damned.

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