Dear B-Dub, or, not beating around the bush on the English bill

Brandon – I wouldn’t put this on my blog if I could comment on your latest post. I don’t expect you (or anyone) to read my blog or any blog for that matter. However, when you berate and excoriate bloggers by asking ‘Did a single Nashville blogger do a damn thing about this?”, I have to respond, by saying you might want to read the blogs before you fling the shit (I did read your caveat that you didn’t have time to read blogs 24/7). Also, some of us don’t actually blog about EVERYTHING we do or eat (it just seems that way).

I not only attended council meetings on this topic, I wrote city council persons I perceived to be ‘on the fence’ on this issue, and I even phoned a few. I discussed this issue with David Briley at the bloggers Christmas party and asked him what else needed to be done to stop this bill. I wrote about the issue as it was coming up, when it came up for first reading and I wrote about attending the council meeting. Once again, I’m not expecting you to go back to read all that or that you should have read it to begin with. I’m not the only blogger who has opined or pined on this issue from the beginning. My neighbor and friend, S-townMike has been ‘there’ the entire time.

My point is not entirely solipsitic here. You say,

As far as I can see, no one did anything except write about this great injustice AFTER THE FACT. That is why I refer to the group collectively as “typical heavy breathing, loud mouth, blow hards”.

My point is a great majority of America is pissed off at one thing or another, but when it comes down to making an effort they are just too damn lazy to act.

My real point might want to look a little further. And to the other bloggers posting after the fact…welcome to the party.

One of the main principles of blog-land is that everyone can say whatever they want to on their own blog. You can insult me or anyone else all you want to and then sweeten the insult by claiming respect for your fellow man, but when all is said and done, it’s pretty hard to see the true issue when dodging the insult bullets.   Disagreement doesn’t have to mean disrespect.

Like I said earlier, I would have posted this on your blog, but you decided to not allow commentary on the post in question.

I hope this can be heard over my loud-mouthed, heavy breathing.

PS. If I really thought there was a clamor in any non-English speaking community to read my blog, I’d be happy to translate the thing, but puhleeze…



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6 responses to “Dear B-Dub, or, not beating around the bush on the English bill

  1. I think B-Dub, a blogger I don’t know but read occasionally, is sort of naive about his ideology that bloggers do nothing for change. Many of us do many things, but if anyone is like I am, I don’t post it all the time.
    And I don’t have to.
    It’s my blog.
    I do these things for myself. The thing about this English-only bill is that many bloggers have tried to inact change and doing it on-line is just one aspect of their advocacy, and as for many of us who do not live in Metro-Nashville, do things for our community that he might not have his spotlight on. Just because he doesn’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. We DO things for our community.
    I know he doesn’t stay on-line “24-7,” as he says in his post, but not everything is done on-line.
    Just saying for Mr. B-Dub’s benefit here, that not everything is so cut and dry.
    And yeah, I’ve had Babel-fish for a long time now as I have readers abroad, so that is sort of a throw away line in his previous posts.
    Complaining about other bloggers not “getting the job done” is short-sighted, Mr. B-Dub. I think, after reading your blog for awhile, you know better. You seem like a smart, savvy guy.
    He has the right to his opinion, but he has to know calling other bloggers names will only get him hits and will also create controversy. Seems sort of strategic if you ask me.
    Sorry to hijack here, John. I offer my apologies, but I must also must say when one (B-dub) cuts off his comments that one must respond where they can.

  2. Mack

    John, i won’t even go into what contributions I made toward beating back this bill. Suffice to say it involved more than wearing yellow to the meetings.

    What I see is a guy who spouted off about something he knew little or nothing about, then, when that was pointed out to him, (and not even on his own blog) he got infuriated and lashed out. He did this in the most disrespectful way possible. The vile language and insults he threw out were entirely inappropriate. Apparently, he felt that he could do this without being confronted, and, again, he was wrong. Like I told him again and again, make your case, stand by it, and be done. Do this and it’s all good. Insult the people I’ve come to respect and admire and I am going to stand up. I don’t say a thing on any blog I wouldn’t say to a person’s face. I’d bet good money he wouldn’t have risked the consequences of telling me “fu*k you and your sister’s c*nt” to my face. I’d say I would have had a little work-out, maybe broke a sweat. A man would apologize, and then another man would accept it graciously.

    lastly, i think he is trying to have it both ways. His original post was all about, “last time i checked, I lived in America” nonsense, then he wants to morph that moronic argument into a lambast of local bloggers for their non-involvement? It’s a reach, to be sure. Desperate.

  3. NC – you can ‘hi-jack’ my blog anytime you want. Hell, you can write my blog anytime you want. Quality would certainly rise..

    Mack – After I wrote this post I wished I hadn’t made it so much about me. The big point is that we do lots of things we don’t blog about and that should be obvious. The second point is that the lack of civility shouldn’t be part of the argument.. This shouldn’t be a personal issue. You either think the bill is wrong-headed or you don’t. You can support your position with reasoning, and then move on. B-Dub, although I disagreed with is ‘side’, had an argument, but imo, sullied the argument with name-calling.

  4. Of course. I disagree every day, with every thing, that Glen Dean says, yet he has yet to insult me, or my friends. Same goes with Sarcastro, and others. I know I’m guilty of over-using the term moron, or moronic, (is that even a word?) but i would use it in person, and have. I didn’t feel, btw, that your post was all about you. In fact, i think you are one of those rare people who really revels in your friends and their accomplishments, at least from where i sit.

  5. Hee! Look at Mack’s avatar! I love it!

    (Oops, sorry, didn’t mean to hijack the comments.) 😛

  6. Lynnster, as the Rajah of WordPress, the Wizard of WordPress, the guru of all things WordPress, I give you, along with NC, the right to hijack, write or otherwise abscond with my blog anytime you like.

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