Rush Limbaugh is still an idiot, and other unrelated observations

Apparently Limbaugh is still addled by his prescription pain killers or maybe the blue pills have permanently re-directed blood flow to the brain for a lot more than four hours… I don’t listen to his blather anymore. There is no pretension of fairness and he is little more than a shill for the Bush/Cheney administration.

Having said that, he still should stick to politics and stay away from making sports commentary. His stupid comments about Donovon McNabb (nobody would laud him for his quarterback accumen if he wasn’t black) were belied by this FACT: Donovon McNabb led his football team (Philadelphia Eagles) to FOUR straight NFC Championship games. That ain’t chopped liver.

Now, Limbaugh has pronounced that the media and the pundits are dissing Rex Grossman (Chi Bears QB in the recent Super Bowl) because, gasp, he’s WHITE. Rex did something right because he got to the Super Bowl, but his performance in said Super Bowl wasn’t worthy of a high school pre-season game. If there had been armed duck hunters in the crowd, several of his passes would have been blasted into the Miami sky.

I’m not sure that Rush noticed, but the media has fallen all over itself offering accolades to the winning quarterback. Peyton Manning, if you haven’t watched any TV, read the front page of any Tennessean for the past month, or read any magazine, is a white guy. I guess he’s transcended his race.

Not for the first, nor the last time: Please somebody shut this fool up.

On another note entirely, Gail Kerr (my favorite Tennessee columnist) has echoed my call for Mayor Purcell to veto the ‘English First’ bill. I say echoed with my tongue in cheek because I doubt she reads my blog, but I am thrilled to be on the same side with a well-known writer who grew up here and loves this city as much as I do.

Finally, another Tennessean piece, rightfully, honors the so-called Ordinary Heroes of the Nashville Civil Rights movement. Not coincidentally, a wonderful play – Ordinary Heroes – is being performed every weekend this month at the beautiful Fisk Chapel.

The play is a wonderful counterpart to today’s article. I urge you to read the article AND see the play.



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2 responses to “Rush Limbaugh is still an idiot, and other unrelated observations

  1. You had me at “Rush Limbaugh is an idiot.”
    Thanks for a fine weekend, John.

  2. The best line of this post: “I guess he’s transcended his race.” Classic.

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