¡Alcalde Purcell es el hombre!


I’d like to say it was my persuasive blog post or the thoughts I was sending you yesterday at East End United Methodist, but the truth is you were channeling Ossie Davis from that Spike Lee movie:

Do the Right thing

Thank you Mr. Mayor. You have shown that you are the Mayor for ALL of Nashville. If you wanna be the governor of ALL of Tennessee, that would work too!


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One response to “¡Alcalde Purcell es el hombre!

  1. It was that Hutchmo mind meld!

    Egalia claimed this as a liberal victory, but there were plenty of us conservatives, not of the paleo stripe, who were opposed this silly bill, and said so.

    The mayor sure did show backbone. I don’t remember the last time ANY Nashville mayor vetoed a bill.

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