Choosing my confessions..yeah, I watch Idol..

Tami Gosnell

Yeah, I watch and this woman is my favorite. She doesn’t look flash or made up. In fact she looks a little scruffed and sports a lip piercing. I hope that I’m not cursing Ms. Tami Gosnell by picturing her and wishing her well, but I’m really hoping that America gets a chance to vote for her.

She sang a killer ‘Whipping Post’ in the audition which, imho, smoked the Bice version.



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4 responses to “Choosing my confessions..yeah, I watch Idol..

  1. I loved her! I hope she makes it all the way…

    As for the Shakira wanna be…I’m glad she’s gone… ugh!

  2. Anita

    I couldn’t agree more. I would buy one of Tami’s albums in a minute. I haven’t bought any of the other idol winners’ albums. If Tami doesn’t make it to the top 3, I will be very disappointed indeed. She is a standout.

  3. Elaine

    Check out what has to say about Tami

  4. Yeah, I read that last night and wondered again…why didn’t she make it ‘through’. I didn’t see her on the first Hollywood show, so I really don’t know what happened, but to me, she is worthy of Melinda D and Lakisha status.

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