Dear Metro Council, or, Please Mr. Craft-i-nator, get back to business

You’ve made your point that something should be done to protect our precious ‘tongue’ from the encoachment of Spanish. I’ve watched enough city council meetings to know that business is normally conducted in English and will probably continue to be conducted in English (except for some of Ludye’s meanderings). Many of us don’t speak much Spanish and I still haven’t heard one single piece of evidence why we should feel threatened one IOTA by the influx of Spanish ‘talk’.

Mr. Crafton, et al, it’s time to do the city’s business. If you took the time to thoughtfully disburse your council-manic slush fund council-manic appropriation that you have taken ‘worrying about the demise of English, your district would actually be served.

Maybe you could disburse your funds for Adult Education English classes!

To the rest of the council: Please encourage Mr. Crafton to move on…the City Charter is no place for this type of divisiveness.

And a special note to John Summers: Shame on you…you know better!


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