Sport’s Guy live-blogs the Grammys…good times

My favorite sports/cultural reporter on ESPN.COM is easily the Sports Guy. He not only can discuss ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ as thoroughly as any teen anthropologist, he can tie the downfall of the show to his beloved Boston Celtics. He knows his music too..

He chose to live-blog the Grammys for his latest column.  In the interest of not ‘franking’ his entire column, here’s a few snippets:

8:17 — Hey, has CBS killed off every stripper and hooker yet? How many more “CSI” and “Criminal Minds” episodes need to be filmed? Fifty? Seventy-five?

9:11 — And the Grammy for “Song of the Year” goes to … the Dixie Chicks. Is this an awards show or a three-hour apology with trophies?

10:59 — As Quentin Tarantino and Tony Bennett announce the nominees for “Record of the Year,” we see a shot of a smiling Paris Hilton in the crowd. Good God, can that girl do anything to end her own career? Sex tapes, racial slurs, drugs, hateful personality, no discernable talent at all … and she’s still chugging along. Are we sure she’s not Satan? Let’s chop her head off and see if it grows back.

Read the rest HERE.


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One response to “Sport’s Guy live-blogs the Grammys…good times

  1. Methinks Paris should just go ahead and hook up with John Rocker so that they can hate people together.

    I just found Rocker’s website and he’s selling “Speak English” t-shirts. And he seems to have a mission statement as well.


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