When the lights went out at Starwood…

Starwood Ad - 1991

I don’t wanna get soppy today on this over-hyped day, but I have to give it up a little for Starwood Amphitheater. I read the news today, and it looks like there will be 17,137 places where you can no longer sit to see DaveMatthewsMarshallTuckerOzzFestAerosmithJimmyBuffetJamesTaylor..etc etc. etc.

I won’t miss the pathetic access to the venue, the hour long waits to get in and longer to get out after the concert. I certainly won’t miss the overpriced beer and the less than mediocre food. It was a ‘music shed’ that looked like a hundred others across the country. I actually haven’t been out there for a long time so the closing won’t have a really tangible effect on my life.

But…….I went to that Jimmy Buffet concert advertised above. More importantly I took my two youngest kids to see REM there..and they had this opening band with an interesting name..I knew one song – Creep – and I had to say, we loved Radiohead nearly as much as REM. It rained pretty much though the entire concert…we were on the lawn..muddy, waterlogged and laughing.

I took my older son to Lollapalooza along with his cousin. They sat up front, while I sat, my back to the back wall with a book. I did enjoy Dinosaur, Jr. and Fishbone and a few others I can’t remember..I have to admit that Alice in Chains left me cold. I mostly remembered my son and nephew strolling regularly to my post on the wall asking for money for cokes, permission to get a tattoo, permission for piercings, and to brag about their prowress in the mosh pit. I happily gave them cash for the cokes, laughed at the idea of tattoos and piercings (yeah, you want to be pierced in a tent on the dirt outside by some guy named Moo-Fish, right..).

I wanted to brave the traffic and take Lynn to see Dave Matthews, but we never did…I suspect some other venue will open up for summer concerts, but I’ll never get to take her to Starwood. She would hate most of the trappings, the cars, the sometimes obnoxious crowd, the drunk duuuuudes, but when the sun goes down, and the stage lights come on, and you actually see the stars (on the stage and in the sky), a breeze wafts over the perfect temperature and then the band plays the right song….thoughts of traffic and duuuudes fade..and it becomes magical.

My valentine to Starwood…



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4 responses to “When the lights went out at Starwood…

  1. saraclark

    I took the Other Half to see that REM show at Starwood, it was our first outing together-I don’t think it really qualified as a date. I had the tickets and plans to go with another guy, but I chose the Other Half instead. He held up well to a bunch of screaming drunk girls, rain, mud and music he didn’t like. I decided to keep him. We ran into some people that he knew and they were just stunned to see him there, later when we got married they said that they just knew from that moment on. Oh well, no more Starwood.

  2. 1. That lineup for the Club MTV tour is blowing my mind. I’d love to know if anyone reading this saw that show AND is willing to admit it.

    2. You’re an awesome dad.

  3. Wow, John, I saw Radiohead and Atlanta and sat out on the lawn, soaking wet, as the rain poured down around me.

    I’m not sure there’s a better way to see Radiohead, actually, than out on the grass in the rain.

    Sad about Starwood, though. I saw a good Weezer show there once.

  4. Crap, can we edit comments? I meant “I saw Radiohead in Atlanta.”

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