Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there (to screw you and then leave)..

Those pesky homeowners in Mississippi who had their homes destroyed by Katrina AND who were lucky enough to have had their homes insured by State Farm….those pesky ungrateful home owners who had the nerve to SUE STATE FARM for denying their claims finally got some relief after 18 months…but the relief had to come though the legal system. Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood had to sue and pursue fraud charges against the ‘august insurer’ before claims were paid.

The next time you bitch and moan about lawyers and their propensity for litigation, find a family from Mississippi who had their home destroyed by Katrina, and who had insurance with State Farm. Those ‘damn’ lawyers got those people at least SOME of their money back.

Oh yeah…what was State Farm’s noble reaction to having to actually PAY claims in Mississippi? The big bully is taking their actuarial charts and moving out…no more home owner claims in Mississippi. I don’t have any insurance with State Farm. If I did, I wouldn’t have any by the end of this week.

I guess those greedy bastards in New Orleans are hoping for their share of the booty now…State Farm still hasn’t paid those claims.

Those silly homeowners only had STORM insurance…too bad they didn’t have FLOOD insurance…darn the luck.

Here’s to you State Farm…today’s WORST COMPANY IN THE WORLD.



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8 responses to “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there (to screw you and then leave)..

  1. Ivy

    I switched to Geico from State Farm a couple of years ago. Best decision I ever made. Geico’s service is 100% better and I don’t have to deal with pesky agents, either.

  2. This may be the greatest post ever written. But I’m extremely biased, because I think State Farm is of the Devil.

  3. Many national insurers are no longer insuring the SC coast near Charleston,either.

  4. I’d be embarrassed to work for State Farm. Yikes.

  5. W

    It’s a pretty lousy thing to do, but their denials could have some merit. The problem seems to be wind damage versus water damage. State Farm knew this could happen and they took the policies anyway so I have no sympathy for them.

    But I have no complaint against them for not reinsuring coastal areas. It’s a high risk area and it’s their right to refuse to do business there anymore once they honor their current commitments.

  6. Kevin Newman

    “Fernandez said the decision does not affect current policyholders in the state.”

    You wrote “no more home owner claims in Mississippi”, but that isn’t what is happening; they just aren’t taking any new customers. “No more home owner policies” would be accurate.

  7. Kevin , give state farm some time and those current home owners will be dropped. The word in the back room is state farm is totally moving OUT of Mississippi.
    Dropping customers was a trick that Travelers started. They use some math formulas to determine how long to keep a customer before they would need to file a claim. Yes , they will drop you even though no claim has been filed. AND , this reason alone can still keep you from getting insurance elsewhere.

  8. State Farm really does know how to earn a buck. The bastards. (they screwed me over recently)

    -jon 🙂

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