Poile roils hoyle*, Preds fetch Forsberg from Philly

Predators GM David Poile is a gambling man. The team was build by developing youth and draft-picks and seasoned with some accomplished veterans…but, even though the Preds are the best in the West (Western Conference) and near the top of the entire league, too many fans disguised as empty seats are still appearing regularly.

So, Poile uproots some ‘youts‘, and ships em’ to Philly for famed and talented center – Peter Forsberg. This could be the move to get Nashville steaming towards the Stanley….on the other hand, Forsberg has fostered more than one foot injury this season, and he’s becoming known for his ailments, but on the other hand….

Forsberg is damn good. Kudos to Poile for pulling the trigger**

*’According to Hoyle’ means according to the norm. This move was a gamble. Mainly I wanted a rhyme, this time. Is that a crime?

** Unless of course Forsberg is injured in his second game and is lost for the rest of the season which will be followed in turn by torrents of second guessing



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3 responses to “Poile roils hoyle*, Preds fetch Forsberg from Philly

  1. Hoorah!

    I’m so pumped I can hardly stand it.

    (and crossing my fingers about the injuries)

  2. BTW, this is actually Slarti, using Desdemona’s PC. She know about as much about hockey as I do about fashion.

  3. Even if Forsberg doesn’t skate in every game , I want him on the bench and in the locker room! He has more career playoff points than the rest of the roster combined. I’ll miss Scottie, but he was always gonna be a third line instigator on our team. As we keep upgrading talent, what were once considered “hot prospects” have to be better and better to get enough ice time to contribute.

    One last move before the trading deadline…Short and Fat for a bag of pucks and a funnel cake. He’d be the last piece of the Stanley Cup puzzle!

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