The sun is shining, the streets are dry…

and public school teachers and kids are deliriously happy because SCHOOL is OUT. HUH????*

I must be missing something…here’s the quote from Metro Officials:

Metro schools are closed today due to inclement weather

*I do want my wonderful wife to be happy, but geeze loueeze, THIS day off is RI-DIC-U-LOUS.



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4 responses to “The sun is shining, the streets are dry…

  1. scoutabout

    It’s funny. My mom’s a school teacher and when I was a youngster in school, I welcomed a day off when the superintendant mistakenly called off school just because it happened to rain and be below freezing. Now, I question each and every “snow day.” Probably because I can no longer participate in them anymore.
    Schools are off here tomorrow for staff development day. I think their calendars now have to supply at least one day off for every month in school.

  2. The teacher in my home went in two hours late today. Well, she went in on time, got the news about the late opening, came home for an hour, and went back in.

    Not quite the lazy morning she could have had.

  3. It was bad enough that my university got shut down last Monday. What state do you live in? I am in Wisconsin and the weather just sucked!

    By the way I found you going threw My Blog Log. I am happy to see you dropped Google’s Blogger and are going with WordPress. WordPress is so much better!

  4. mcgonnigle

    Hey Hutch, haven’t seen you at the Pinetar Rag lately–perhaps I’ve been off course or just plain lame.

    The weather yesterday was baaad in NJ. I had to leave some good Devils tix unused and my little nephew was bummed and so was I for doing that to him but it was bad.

    What was your deal in TN with the weather? Just hype? It happens.

    I liked the thoughts on “cool” and how if you have to say it, it isn’t. I wanted to do a post on what people think the definition of “cool” is, because after all, we all spend so much time on it throughout our lives and it is such an ethereal thing and probably quite different to different folks. Was Fonzie cool? hahaha. –fog

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