Here’s yer $10,000,000,000 or, fun facts for Friday

Governmental auditors have uncovered TEN BILLION dollars in cost-overruns and payment for work not done in Iraq. Remember the apocryphal ‘welfare queen with a Cadillac’ story propounded by Reagan? These war contractors are welfare GODS. I’m suspecting they will probably be slapped on the wrist with, what else, a fine. OH please, Brer’ Fox, don’t fine me AGAIN.

What SHOULD happen is that the Halliburtons of this world and other offenders be forced to re-build New Orleans concentrating on making the 9th Ward a safe place to live. I’m guessing that’s not gonna happen considering that the President didn’t bother mentioning New Orleans, Katrina, Gulf Coast reconstruction or any other aspect of the destruction that ‘we will never forget’ in last month’s State of the Union address. I”m still cheesed about that omission, but I don’t live or govern there. Oh well, at least the residents of Louisiana have their State Farm insurance policies have the President’s 2005¬† speech in Jackson Square to remember.

Finally, cat lovers in Tennessee should be aware that the former Majority Leader video-diagnoser-in-chief is seriously considering a 2010 run for the Tennessee governor’s office.. I’m guessing that Marsha Blackburn, Zach Wamp, Ed Bryant are not particularly thrilled about this piece of news..somebody really should un-thaw Van Hilleary’s brain and tell him too..



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3 responses to “Here’s yer $10,000,000,000 or, fun facts for Friday

  1. I LOVE the idea of Halliburton being forced to rebuild New Orleans! You, my friend, are a genius!

  2. I think the Armed forces were doing better when they had to peel their own potatoes and build their own barracks. Now it is contracted out to Dick Cheney’s ass clowns who are known over billers. After all what would I know, I get paid near nothing and taxed even more. There will be a new revolution sometime where we stand up and take our government back…count me in!

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