My response to the Rep..approximately

I wrote a comment on Representative Campfield’s post and I didn’t copy the comment before I hit the enter key.   Since the Rep’s comments are ‘moderated’, I wasn’t able to retrieve the exact wording for this post.

Background and clarification: When a bill is proposed by the state legislature, state employees in effected departments have to do bill assessments including fiscal notes that detail the financial and ‘work’ impact of the proposed legislation.  Bill assessment is a necessary and important business practice.  I do NOT generally do bill assessments. I did NOT do any assessment of the ‘abortion death certificate’ bill proposed by Representative Campfield. I did not discuss the bill assessment with anyone who WORKED on the assessment.  I would not work on (or discuss with co-workers) any assessment where I could not assess the bill objectively.  Any other stance would be unethical.

Representative Campfield took issue with an earlier post I made about wasting state employee time with what I would term ‘stunt’ or ‘publicity’ bills.  No where in my post did I say or intimate that I or any other health department was overworked.  No where in my post did I complain about my job.

In fact, as I stated in the post, I love my job.  I have a lot to do and that is a good thing.  It makes my time on the job meaningful.  I believe deeply in the mission and purpose of the state Health Department.

Representative Campfield intimated that I (it should be noted that my name was not used in the post, but considering that I was the only state employee who posted on the topic that I know about, I’m pretty sure that shot was directed at me) blogged on the job, was unethical and that I spent long hours surfing the internet instead of doing my job, including making comments on posts during working hours.

Lastly, he insulted all state employees by asking if I thought I could get away with such practices if I had ‘a real job’.

My response, approximately:

1. I love my job.  It is a REAL job.

2. I have NEVER complained about being overworked. To have a job with the Health Department is a privilege. I work with wonderful people and I believe strongly in the work that we do.

3. I do my blogging early in the morning and late in the evening from home.  I have, in the past, blogged during my lunch hour, but I decided that the time spent and the appearance of a post in the middle of the day might be misconstrued, so I no longer post during my lunch hour.

4. I do not spend long hours at work surfing the internet.  I do my job.

5. I would never do a bill assessment on any bill where I could not be dispassionate and objective.  I was not assigned any work on Representative Campfield’s ‘abortion death certificate’ bill.  I did not DO any work on the assessment of that bill.

6. I am rarely assigned to do bill assessments.  My post was about the time spent by others doing bill assessments (I should have made that clearer on my original post).  No one complained to me about their time spent doing specific bill assessments.

7. I have commented on posts during my lunch hour or during a break. My lunch time is my own time, but as stated above, I no longer post during lunch, and will now no longer comment during lunch.

8.  I think I am due an apology, but I’m not holding my breath.

Finally, I need to say one more time: My posts on this subject were from the point of view of ME.  I certainly was not speaking for the Health Department or any governmental perspective.  I would not deign to speak for the Health Department on such an issue.  I probably should not have made the post to begin with, but I stand by my thoughts on the subject.



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10 responses to “My response to the Rep..approximately

  1. John, you had every right to make that post. Your opinion as a citizen of this state is just as, if not more, valid as any other citizen because you have a more in-depth knowledge of the way our state government is run. Do not allow this poor excuse for a representative to stifle your voice.

    Yes, I agree that you are due an apology. If this guy is man enough to step up and recant his statement, then I might gain a little respect for him. Chances are, however, that he will choose to ignore the facts, as he has already done with this entire issue.

  2. Ugh, Campfield pisses me off in the worst possible way. He’s so incredibly childish, and if I was near him, I would slap the bejezus out of him, seriously. Blah. Grr.

  3. The last time I looked, we lived in a country where Freedom of Speech exists. You and I are very similar in our “not blogging at work.” I think we do it for similar reasons.
    Hasn’t he not pulled the Freedom of Speech title out of his bag of tricks time and time again. What makes it right for him and not right for the rest of us.
    His threat was bullshit and the blogosphere didn’t let him get away with.
    I call him a bully. He throws out stink bombs and then hides when smarter people call him out on it because he’s cowardly.
    From the perspective of a media person, I would be surprised if you don’t get some calls on this one.
    It was a blatant threat. But you know, Campfield got what he wanted.
    Attention. He thrives on it, then throws himself into the victim role.
    His bill did nothing for people who truly care about that issue. It was a matter of getting some ink. The porn tax didn’t get that for him, so he’s done this. You wrote a thoughtful commentary of what happens when junk bills with no hope of making it out of committee tie up the system for average people. He made it into a subtle threat throwing around what little power he perceives that he has.
    I call bullshit.
    Sending much love from the West of the State.

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  6. Stick to your guns, but don’t waste any more breath on this numbskull.

    Concentrate on more important things, like who the Yankees are gonna use for a number 3 starter.

    Solidarity, brother!

  7. I think it goes Mussina, Petitte and Wang, and pray for rain-g…

    I am done with this subject, but the ethical question had to be answered. Amongst the bullying, the Rep had a point..if I was the one assessing his bill, how could I do a fair assessment. That question speaks to a lot more people than me. The folks I work with a professional with a capital ‘P’ and would not let personal feelings interfere with an assessment.

    I needed to make it clear that any assessment on the bill had nothing to do with me. I hope this part of the circus is over now. I certainly don’t intend to bring it up again.

  8. Will someone vote that fool out of office already? I’m tired of hearing about his foolishness. Still amazed at the kind of people who manage to win a seat in the House.

  9. A reader

    Vote him out? Hell, he should be impeached, and everyone who voted for him should be required to pick up trash along the highway for 40 hours to atone for the pollution they’ve inflicted on this state.

  10. Roger Abramson

    John —

    You didn’t do squat nothin’ wrong and you have nothing to apologize for (not that you were apologizing). For what it’s worth, I have it on good authority that “The Rep” (cracks me up everytime I see that) has passed around some seriously bad info about me…and others. This is a man who is an elected official.

    Functionally speaking, he’s a 14 year old who, by a political accident, landed in the legislature.

    Take it as I did: as a compliment. My feeling is that having Stacey Campfield say anything negative about you couldn’t be anything but a compliment. A good enemy to have in my book. I mean, imagine how you’d feel if, by his lights, you were doing something right! Some serious navel-gazing time that would be, I would think.

    Frankly, I’d love to see you debate him. Granted, in any battle of wits, he’s bringing the rough equivalent of a dull pocketknife, but it would still be fun to show him that there are state employees with heads on their shoulders, despite what he thinks. (Hey, wait a minute: aren’t legislators state employees too?)

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