I told you it was magic, or, if you’re number ONE, don’t be coming into ‘our’ house, or whooooweeee!

sweet sweet score..

I am fully aware that the picture here is fuzzy and not worthy to be blog-mat (blog material, i’m making up words cuz’ i’m so happy), but in my mind, that pic is sweeter than all the See’s candies on the west coast.

If you can’t see the pic clearly, or you haven’t heard the news, Vandy put a whompin’ on the Florida Gators today, 83-70. Florida sauntered into Memorial Gym with their heads high, haloed by their number one ranking. For a few minutes, one would have thought the referees were in awe of the ranking..whatever happened to home cooking, anyway?

The gators left the gym, lips pursed. What was thought to be gator bait, was instead pred-a-tor. The gym was Vandy’s, the crowd was deliriously Vandy, and pretty much every aspect of the game was Vandy’s.

Well into the second half with Vandy holding a 10 to 13 point lead, I kept waiting for an alligator shoe to drop, or for Noah’s arc to ascend, but Vandy kept em’ under control.

Vandy often lives and dies by the three point shot, and today the trey was more than okay. Byers was on fire, and Foster was bananas, both rippling the nets, stringing music. Gator fans tucked their gator tails between their legs, leaving quietly and early when it became obvious that the Gator surge had been short-circuited by an inspired Vanderbilt squad.

When fans rush the court after a game these days, the school is fined and students can be arrested. Vandy will probably have to pay a hefty fine, but from this fan’s perspective, it was worth every thin dime and phat dollar. From what I’ve read, the Chancellor can probably cut a check for the levy, without breaking his banks.

All in all, a sweeeet afternoon for Vandy fans..another ‘ONE’ bites the dust.



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7 responses to “I told you it was magic, or, if you’re number ONE, don’t be coming into ‘our’ house, or whooooweeee!

  1. Ah, congratulations! I know it’s a tough life being a Vandy fan and a victory like that is even sweeter than most victories.

    I virtually spit on Florida, in any case.

  2. I saw part of the game today and thought, “I bet John is so happy!”

  3. That was the best college basketball game I’ve watched all season. Coincidentally, it is the ONLY college basketball game I’ve watched all season.

    It sounded like the crowd was chanting “OVERRATED”.


  4. If you’re gonna restrict your college basketball viewing to one game per year, this was a good one to watch.

    And yes, the crowd, including my son and me, was yelling ‘o-ver-ra-ted, o-ver-ra-ted’…nearly as satisfying all the gator fans slinking out quietly with a couple of minutes to go in the game.

  5. I wonder if the morning sports talk guys will be all over y’all for rushing the court. They get pretty petty about it and think it should never be done. I think it’s fine if you’ve pulled off a huge win like y’all did. But I think it can be done too much. 🙂

    That said, Florida finally had a complete down game…they’ve had bad halves but always bounced back to win. I sort of kept waiting for the light to go on for them….

  6. Vic

    I coulda’ swore that we were saying “Oprah Winfrey, Oprah Winfrey” although I didn’t know why…

  7. Linda

    Hey and speaking of #1 – my favorite Vandy team – the baseball team – is currently #1 in the nation. Talk about whoo hoo!

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