oh God, oh God, ohhhh, God, I can’t drive 55..

According to THIS MSNBC story, police investigating a major traffic tie-up on a major highway in Israel discovered a couple having sex in a car stopped IN the left lane of said highway. I’m pretty sure that if this happened on I-40 going east or west, that the couple would have been shot (uhhhmm, is John Ford still on the highways or in the cooler?). I’m not clear how the Tennessee roadkill law would apply here, but I’m thinking that the penalty would be no more than a fine.

The freakin’ left lane is for people DRIVING FAST trying to get somewhere to have sex. Leave that kind of activity for the far right lane.



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3 responses to “oh God, oh God, ohhhh, God, I can’t drive 55..

  1. lmao…you’re killin’ me today…don’t ever go back to work…just keep blogging…

  2. Why can’t I be off today too?

    I agree with Ging, you are on a ROLL today, my man…

  3. It’s those damn bucket seats in today’s cars…back in the day (before center cup holders and armrests and whatnot) this sort of thing almost never snarled traffic. šŸ˜‰

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