Nashville is Orange, or NiT 2.0

    First of all, kudos to the folks who managed to get NiT WordPress up and running on the first day on time and on schedule.   I was dubious that it would happen on time and in an orderly manner, but hey, certainly don’t mind being wrong.

I like the layout, the cleaner look, and I don’t mind the size of the font.  But, for the love of all that is zesty, does it HAVE to have so MUCH orange?   Maybe it’s the Vandy fan in me, or maybe it’s what I like to think, good color taste, but I’m really hoping that the promise of more blue and some toning down of the biggish orange will be fulfilled.

I guess black and gold is too much to ask…

I sure wish somebody somewhere could figure out the WordPress posts to aggregator time protraction in, WP posts are currently showing up on the aggregator 12 hours later.  This has been much discussed, I know, but it is frustrating to write a post at 5:10 PM (uh, 40 minutes after work hours) that won’t show up until roughly 5:00 AM.

All in all, good show.



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13 responses to “Nashville is Orange, or NiT 2.0

  1. When I flipped over there last night and saw all the orange, my immediate thought was, “Oh, John is gonna HATE this.” Hehe.

    My dad would have loved it. Heck, if he’d had his way, everything in our house INCLUDING the house would have been orange…

  2. PS I should probably add both my high schools’ colors were black and gold. Good for sports stuff, but man, those colors hardly go with anything else… well, there’s black, but there’s only so much black you can do without being emo or goth…

  3. KC

    A lot of the new wp blogs have the wrong time in their author stamp, too. Unless jag can blog in the future.

  4. Where are you seeing the time stamp wrong? on the aggregator? On my blog you have to click on the subject line to get the permalink and the time. The time on mine appears to be right. I don’t see any timestamp on Jag’s blog, but you may be talking solely about the aggregator.

    Only thing I know for sure, WP blogs show up 1/2 day late.

  5. My time stamp is screwed too, KC.
    Also, it is sort of frustrating to see it up a half day later, but I’m sure they will fix it within time.

  6. If your own timestamp is screwed, then isn’t that the problem? If your timestamp for your feed isn’t set to CST it won’t pick it up at the right time.

    And for those with feed problem, I swear I’m going to get that sorted out very soon. Just a little overwhelmed right now.

    Oh, and BTW, check it out. NiT is now not so orange:

  7. Amen!! The UGA Grad in me just can’t stomach it! LOL I haven’t been able to explore it much b/c I have to leave. Way too much Orange! *sigh* I guess I’ll never be able to escape it as long as I live here though, huh? Blech!!!

  8. I think Jag fixed hers. You could tell it was wrong because even though most of the WP templates don’t show a timestamp on the main page, there’s a timestamp on the comments. I remember her asking about it and think she fixed it that day.

    Even though there’s no showing timestamp on the templates when you look at the URL, if you go to the post itself the timestamp’s there, so I’m pretty sure it’s getting encoded into the feeds.

    Mine, John’s, Ginger’s, Sista’s, CLC’s, Mack’s and anyone else I’ve done has been set to -6/Central all along, and both the regular RSS WP feed and Feedburner feeds pick them up immediately (‘cos I’ve been watching both for everyone that has a Feedburner feed as well) in the feed readers.

    That’s all the technical info I know to speak of…

  9. There is no such thing as too much orange….

  10. The timestamp thing is partially fixable by toying with the code in the wp-rss2.php file. I’ve done this. That still doesn’t yield an entirely accurate result for me — it seems to display the time at my web hosting company. And you have to remember to re-apply the fix every time you update WordPress, which I often forget to do.

    Here’s more info:

  11. Except almost all of us are on and can’t manipulate things like that… only folks can manipulate and modify their system files…

  12. Oops. Sorry, didn’t think about that.

  13. That might be helpful tho to the NIT tech guys who are trying to figure all this out…. I’ll see if I can get that passed along to Christian or somebody. Thanks John C. 🙂

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