American I-Dull

The last time I wrote about AI, I touted wonder-singer Tami Gosnell and predicted she would go far. Naturally, she didn’t even make the ’round of 24′. So much for my prognostication skills. I still think she was a stand-out. In fact, if she had been able to sing with the boys last night she would have swept em’ off the stage.

If an elementary school teacher wanted to describe the word mediocrity in a way the students would never forget AND punish the class for misbehaving, the teacher will show the full two hours of AI from last night.

I don’t want to curse anyone, so I’m not going to mention names, but the guy who sang the ‘Keane’ song wasn’t too bad. It should be mentioned that every-time a Keane song is played, Coldplay should receive a royalty check. Not since George Harrison ‘borrowed’ a tune from the Chiffons when he wrote ‘My Sweet Lord’ (My sweet Lord, My sweet Lord, is it ok to steal for You…) has an artist or a group totally ripped off the sound of another group.

The show should incorporate the trap door or the shepherd’s hook employed by the talent shows at the Apollo, especially when anyone, and I mean anyone, sings a Richard Marx song. The song choice alone should bar them from ever appearing on the show again.

Other singers last night had a decent moment or two, but between the song choices of the contestants,¬† to the totally naseled out last song of the night, we’ve gotta hope that the female contingent can kick some ass. Else, the winner of the show will immediately get the Saturday night job at the Dubuque Holiday Inn (maybe getting to sing after bussing the tables).



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3 responses to “American I-Dull

  1. I appreciate both Coldplay and Keane, and I certainly see your point about the similarities in sound, but I would argue that, because they grew up as bands at similar times in similar places, it’s as likely as not that they are both products of their environment rather than one being a ripoff of the other. In fact, the allmusic entry on Keane points out that in 2001, even though Keane had been playing their brand of rich, piano-driven rock for several years:

    labels weren’t really biting […] because Coldplay supposedly was doing it.

    Note the “supposedly” in that statement. I think the subtle differences in their sounds are worth noting and treating as separate.

  2. fwiw, I like both bands, and have albums from both…I enjoy Coldplay better, though…

    Anyway, I was wondering where the heck Tami was last night. Somehow I missed that she didn’t make it through. Huge mistake on AI’s part to let her go. I’ll bet her downfall was her appearance…a good stylist could have helped out with that. I think with the exposure she did get, hopefully she will get some bites for a deal.

    I was SO disappointed with the mediocre, shaky, off pitch singing last night. I don’t know if nerves were a part of it, but I’m afraid Simon, Paula, & Randy have judged themselves out of any stand-outs in the male category this season. Most of them performed like theme park singers with the hand movements, dancing, vocal style, etc. My ex-husband could have performed these guys out of the water, but he’s too old–in his thirties. I think they should up the age to 35 to get some depth. I thought the bald guy at the end was pretty good, but his appearance kind of creeps me out. (Shallow, yes, but they are judging on the entire package).

    We’ll see tonight if there are any stand-outs with the females…I sure hope so, or else AI may just jump the shark this season.

  3. This is the first season I’ve “watched” AI. I too liked the Keane song guy and also the curly haired guy with glasses. I do not have a good ear for singing and even thought “yikes!” a time or two. Oh and like Ginger I like the bald guy at the end.

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