Here’s an idea how NOT to support the troops…

Quite frankly, I’m sick to death of being told that Democrats are not patriotic or that you can’t both support the troops and be against this failed war effort. Setting that argument aside, let’s talk about supporting the troops.

Did you realize that the newly released Bush budget nearly doubles the prescription drug co-payment for approximately two million middle income veterans who suffer from non-service related disabilities (Priority 7 and 8 veterans), which would increase the cost of prescriptions for these veterans from $8 to $15 per month.
(The budget) imposes a new enrollment fee on Priority 7 and 8 veterans, on a graduated scale of $250-$750 per year, based on veterans’ family income level. While the Bush Administration claims the enrollment fee and co-payment increase would apply only to middle and upper-income veterans, the reality is that they would apply to Priority 7 and 8 veterans whose annual income is as low as $27,790. Further, for the first time, this year’s proposal would use family income – rather than individual income – as the basis for calculating these fees. As a result of the enrollment fee and co-payment increase, the VA estimates that nearly 110,000 veterans would be driven away from the VA system.

Did you know that the out-patient long-term care facility at Walter Reed Hospital known as Mologne House or its more spartan name, Building 18 is rife with rot, mildew, mice and cockroaches. Yeah, the Army is fixing the place now, but it took a series of articles from the Washington Post to get anyone’s attention.

Did you know that it now takes 190 days to determine if a soldier is fit for return to duty? Do you know what the soldiers go through while waiting for that determination?

Oh yeah, they support the troops…on the way TO Iraq and Afghanistan.

The human cost of this war is staggering. No cost should be too high to ensure that the vets get the care they need in a properly maintained facility in a timely fashion.



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2 responses to “Here’s an idea how NOT to support the troops…

  1. Thanks, nice to see some of this enumerated. How the Bush Administration treats the troops and veterans is shocking, yet somehow that never makes it onto Fox news. Jesus wept. BB and JMO –Doug

  2. Well said… and another reason that the sooner out of Iraq, the better.

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