EXCLUSIVE!! Right-wing scientist cabal produce artificial ‘Robo-Rep’

I’ve just been handed some incredible documentation concerning a splinter group of right-wing scientists who are bent on replacing state representatives with ‘robo-reps’ produced to spout right-wing rhetoric and Fox News talking points.

These scientists are reputed to have already placed on ‘robo-rep’ in the Tennessee House. This report could neither be confirmed or denied, but the following quote from the document could have interesting inferences:

“We’ve created an artificial representative who can function in basic social situations if discussion is not too complex, who can operate voting machinery on the house floor, and who has a special chip we like to call the ‘let’s annoy the be-jebus out of liberals’. We’ve taught the ‘roto-rep’ to write rudimentary sentences and to even blog..

We still have a lot of work to do on the spelling chip, the logic chip, and the ‘straight answer’ chip’. We’re pretty sure we’ll have these bugs worked out in our 2.0 version.”

I’m still stunned about this news and plan to not rest until I can get to the bottom of this story. I would share my documentation but these voices keep telling me to ‘KEEP IT QUIET’…

For now…ssssshhhhhh



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5 responses to “EXCLUSIVE!! Right-wing scientist cabal produce artificial ‘Robo-Rep’

  1. Oh, this is good news and somewhat restores my faith that there’s no possible way anyone human could truly be such a dopey asshat… woohoo!

  2. Oh dear lord I adore you.

  3. Mack

    I’m going to invest, then. At least half the country has an appetite for this.

  4. KC

    You need a few more exclamation points

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