The less-than great pretender, or more advice to American Idol contestants

Dear Alaina Alexander, 24, of West Hollywood, Calif.: You need LOTS more brass in your pocket to eeeeven think about singing that Pretender’s song. That version didn’t need a musical needed a Medical diagnosis. Leave Chrissie Hynde alone. She deserves much better.

On a nicer note, there were four women who blew the roof off the joint last night. The first singer, Stepanie something, was poised wth voice blazing. She ruled the stage. Brentwood’s own, Melinda Doolittle actually did a lot. She smoked. The final singer of the night, LaKisha came on shy and demure. Once she started singing, shy and demure caught the train…WOW.

There is some talent on this year’s show and it’s mostly female. The show might be worth watching after all.

Finally, if you’re gonna ‘do’ Aretha, you better bring it. The thigh-high boot woman tried to ‘play’ Aretha, and as the wags say, Aretha lost. On the other hand, the fourth singer who ruled tonight, Sabrina Stone, pretty much WAS Aretha.



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9 responses to “The less-than great pretender, or more advice to American Idol contestants

  1. Haha! It is great fun watching you get so wrapped up in this. πŸ˜‰

  2. No woman should ever try to sound like Aretha. Can’t pull it off. If I coudl sing like anyone in the entire world, it would be Aretha.

    And doing Hynde isn’t a good idea, either. She’s got too much Brass In Pocket for anyone else to pull that song off. (Though I loved Scarlett Johansen doing it in Lost In Translation)

  3. Yes Lindsey, I’ve been advised by my Panel o’ Cool that I’m cashing in my cool chips and being exposed as a member of Nation Dweeb. But, I decided to bring my jones to the light of day. What’s ironic here is, with few exceptions, I really don’t like the kind of chicken-rock, ballady stuff performed on the show. I’m more of a Lucinda Williams, Tom Waits or White Stripe, Michael Stipe kinda guy…

    Speaking of Tom Waits, if I ran the world, there would be a Tom Waits night on American Idol…I just wanna hear those kids working on ‘the Rain Dogs’, or ‘fall out the window with confetti in my hair’.

    But, the truth is, I just like the raw competition. For the most part, they are dependent on no one besides themselves on that stage, and for some reason, that appeals to me. Plus, there is some talent out there.

    I still think that Clarkson’s ‘Since you been gone’ is a GREAT pop-rock song, and, last cool chip just got cashed in…

    Sharon – There was at least one scorchin’ version of an Aretha song last night, but you are right, Aretha is Aretha and nobody will really ever come close to that.

  4. I was thrilled at that last girl. She blew the roof off that place. Regardless of if she is the next American Idol, she will have a deal.

    I’m an AI geek, too… πŸ™‚

  5. The time Reba went on the CMA awards and did R-E-S-P-E-C-T…oh gosh, it was horrendous. What’s scary is her die hard fans buy it! Ick.

    I cringed the whole time that girl was trying to sing Chrissie. It weren’t right.

    Those ol gals did blow it up last night, and you can call me a stick in the mud, but, I have a problem with the ones who have professional experience being on it. It’s an “amateur” contest isn’t it?

  6. The rule of having 6 women & 6 men in the final 12 is a bad one that I hope they will amend in future seasons. The talent of the women far exceeds that of the men. We could pluck 2 guys from the group and drop the Jersey girl and the Pretender and BAM! final 12.

  7. Scout

    Rats! I missed Idol. But, thanks for update.

    Singing an Aretha song is like acting onstage in a Shakespearean play. If you don’t give 200 percent, you’re going to fall flat and people will scrutinize your every move.

  8. thefreedonian

    Not saying Alaina’s performance last night would have been good otherwise— Even adequate for that matter. But am I the only one bothered by the fact that she was expected to find the right pitch while the band behind her played the chorus wrong? The second chord was wrong, so it didn’t even really give her a proper guide pitch to listen to.

    Now, she’ll probably be given the ticket home as soon as the results of the polling come in. It’s not an injustice— It’s not like it took us until the chorus to know she wasn’t up to the song. The opening lines were like a bad karaoke performance.

    But the band’s gotta get their poop in a group. The line “there’s nobody else here” in the chorus was actually sung on pitch, but it sounded bad because the band played the wrong chord underneath.

    For the record, the time it took me to write this is probably about ten times as much as I’ve spent even thinking about this show. Sigh…

  9. You’re an American Idol fan…who knew? πŸ™‚

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