Dear Peter Forsberg:

It’s going to be all right. I watched you last night in person*. I’m no expert, but you are PRESSING. And, as a less than stellar skater myself**, your somewhat unimpressive solo act in the shootout serves notice that you are, despite the press clippings, human***.

You are gonna be fine. You’re going to score a key goal****, and the crowd will embrace you as if personally saved a beloved franchise from leaving town*****. Welcome to Nashville******!!

*I saw the sadly-blogging-no-more wonderful Sara Clark at the game last night. Good times.Β  Also, I would like to assure Lindsey that my American Idol blogging will re-commence next week. I know she’ll be relieved.

**My method of stopping while skating is either running into a wall or collapsing on the ice

***Oh, the humanity, the humanity..

****um, Saturday night against the Red Wings would be a reeeeally good time to do just that.

*****uh, NO PRESSURE!!

****** You do speak English, right?



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12 responses to “Dear Peter Forsberg:

  1. saraclark

    I know it might not be good hockey etiquette but I wanted to go down and give Forsberg a big hug last night after that miss. He seemed so down. I noticed that Kariya and Hartnell waited for him at the bench and gave him a manly hit with their sticks in encouragement. With all the beautiful passes and face-offs, I’ve already seen the benefits of Forsberg for the Preds. I can live until he starts scoring some points.

    I am already over-excited about Saturday’s game against the RedWings. I may even take a nap in the afternoon in order to save up all my energy and there will definitely be no voice left for Sunday.

    I am puzzled how someone can eat ice cream at a hockey game though.

  2. You know, what really surpised me after the game last night was the postgame show on the radio. I was expecting a lot of Forsgerg bashing, but the theme of the night was “what’s the matter with Vokoun?”

    He’s been good, but not Tomas.

    Makes you wonder if they’ll start Mason Saturday.

    Also, what killed us in the shotout was Sullivan being hurt. (imho)

  3. Haha, I eagerly await your deconstruction of the next episode of AI. πŸ™‚

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  5. John, we must be kindred spirits. Your take is more optimistic than mine, but I do think things will be OK in the long run.

    I went to the game last night, too. Honestly, I don’t think we’d be focusing on the shootout so much if Forsberg had gotten a shot off. It just looked so out of character for him that it attracted extra attention, I think.

    I did have ice cream last night at the game, and it was good stuff. Yum.

    Slarti, I think you are right about Sullivan and the shootout. I also think it would have been better to run Radulov or Legwand in Erat’s place. I feel like Erat tends to miss wide in shootouts.


  6. Oh, and Forsberg speaks very good English.

    Sara, thanks for the tidbits about the team’s reaction to the “flop.” I had been curious about that. I’d really like to see Forsberg do well and surprise himself by falling in love with this team and this town. Fingers crossed.

  7. W

    I’m carefully safeguarding my tickets to Saturday’s game. It should be interesting to see how the Red Wings handle the new line up.

  8. Running into the wall works for me too. For roller blading I substitute trees.

  9. Sara – Because I’m a man of the future with ‘that vision thing’ I must eat ‘the ice cream of the future’ from time to time to keep my vision goin’. Oddly, Dippin’ Dots has been the ice cream of the future for something going on 18 years..whenthehell is the future gonna get here??!

    Rob – my Forsberg ‘english’ remark was actually a cheap shot at Councilman Crafton and his ilk. I’ve heard Forsberg speak..I would say he’s articulate but it might sound like I’m patronizing the entire Scandanavian race.

  10. Dude, you must have ESPN. Or you’re psychotic. Something like that…

    Nice call on the Forsberg game winner.

    What are next week’s Powerball numbers?

  11. Awesome game last night! Todd and I sat up and close to the floor. πŸ™‚ Section 104. Can I just say ssweeeetttt! Wished we could have ran into ya!

  12. John, my brain must have started auto-shutdown for the weekend on Friday afternoon. I don’t know why I missed the humor. Why are you protecting the Swedes?!?!? πŸ˜‰

    What a game last night. It would have been great to put them away in regulation, but it was amazing to bounce back late in the third. I was so glad to see Forsberg get the winner. He should be fine now that he’s broken the seal on producing points in a Nashville uniform.

    Go Preds!!!

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