Oh, oh, oh, it’s magic, or, Memorial for the tele-Tubby

Another magical day in Vandy’s Memorial gym, where Tubby Smith brought the Wildcats snarling and ready to go…and go they did, right out the door on the losing end of a 67-65 classic.

During the 70s and 80s, Memorial Gym was known for it’s magical powers enabling the Commodores to steam past opponents who were often better and more talented. The magic really has returned..first the Gators were chomped last week, and then the Cats were de-clawed today.

The student body, still stinging from the $25,000 fine levied after the Gator game for surging the court (or was that ‘augmenting’ the court?), managed to stay in their section after the game. There were some real cops augmenting the rent-a-cops there to help enforce the plea from the PA announcer to PLEASE stay off the court.

All in all..very satisfying.

A couple of notes: 1) I don’t pay to watch officials. I pay to watch basketball. I’m getting really sick of officials stifling the flow of the game by calling ticky-tack out front, especially when massive mayhem is occurring in the paint. I admit watching the game with black and gold tinted eyesight, and it always seems like ‘our’ team gets the wrong end of the zebras, but come on refs…at the very least, a little consistency, please!

2) Has the 3-second rule been abolished? Big #10 for Kentucky had his size 16s in the lane for such a long time I though he was gonna pull out the camp chair and fire up a Coleman stove. The officials appeared to be watching the same game I was, but sometimes I had to wonder..

Go Vandy!

Watching the blue-ish fans leave the arena quickly, I doubt that many were rushing to the Tubby Smith fan club meeting.   I’m wondering if this game is going to lead to a memorial for his Wildcat coaching career…


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One response to “Oh, oh, oh, it’s magic, or, Memorial for the tele-Tubby

  1. My husband is a big Kentucky fan but has been preaching “Tubby Sucks” for a while now.

    I can’t help but feel bad for my sister-in-law and her family — they buy Vanderbilt season tickets every year just to go to this game.

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