You’ve got one more chance: Ordinary Heroes

Tonight at 6:00 PM, the last performance of a non-ordinary play – Ordinary Heroes –  will play out at Fisk College..  I saw the play on opening night, and although the stories stood out, there were seams showing.

I saw the play again last night, and brothers and sisters let me tell you, the play was as tight as Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn’s bassline on ‘Green Onions’.  Holy Cow.  The songs, the video, the dance, and most of all the stories brought it all home.

In case you haven’t read or heard about ‘Ordinary Heroes’, the play depicts Nashville’s role in the civil rights movement during the 50’s and 60s’.   Nothing’s made up.  The real honest-to-God, horrifying, hilarious, frightening, chilling, obscene, thrilling TRUTH.

One particular segment about fear, cross-cut between a white man and a black man, goes all the way to the bone.

There is nothing in the play unsuitable for children or your grandmother. In fact, they both should see this play.

Tonight, 6:00 at Fisk Chapel.   You really should do yourself a favor.


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