Things I don’t get – The Melissa Ethridge edition

I don’t like Melissa Ethridge, or I should say, I don’t like her singing voice.  Her voice has little color or nuance.  She goes from whisper to shriek in less than 60 seconds.   Her songs all sound the same to me.  I gotta believe that if she was on American Idol that the judges would insist that she try to break out of her comfort zone.

Yeah, she has sincerity and a good heart and good politics, but none of that matters when it comes to her musical value.  I thought her song that won the Oscar was dreadful.  The song clearly won because it was  conveniently associated with the critical darling: An Inconvenient Truth.   Randy Newman’s song for ‘Cars’ should have rolled over the Ethridge song, but when it comes to music, politics somehow trumps quality of sound.

The Dixie Chicks latest record was good.  I enjoyed the hit and most of the stuff holds up to repeated listening.  Nothing on that CD was the ‘record of the year’.   But,  their views on the Presidency (many of which I share) were what won them the award.   Music either works or it doesn’t.   It’s ultimate value really isn’t going to be based on the political flavor of the moment, month or year when the song was released.

I will say this for Melissa Ethridge…I’ll take her over Celine Dion any day of the shriek week.



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15 responses to “Things I don’t get – The Melissa Ethridge edition

  1. I’m with you there. She’s written the same two or three songs a hundred songs for the last decade or so. Good heart, boring art.

    But then, while I always enjoy the entertainment value of awards shows, it’s impossible for any kind of art to officially be “the best of the year.” It’s subjective to whatever moves us.

    Thanks for the good post.

  2. Indeed, I think Tami Gosnell can sing circles around Melissa Ethridge…however, she does have a coolness that I definitely admire…

  3. KC

    I’m a lukewarm Etheridge fan. She has three songs I like (Come To My Window, I’m The Only One, I’ll Take You With Me) that meet my needs on occasion.

    She’s one of those artists whose good songs I’ll buy off iTunes, but who never holds my attention for a full album.

    What gets me most about her is that I thought it was incredibly arrogant of her to use David Crosby’s sperm. I thought she was holding herself out there as his musical equal or something. I thought if she wanted to be truthful about her place in the music world she would have used Billy Squier’s.

  4. I agree 100% with your post. Good call.

  5. nm

    I think you’re completely wrong. Oh, not about the value of Melissa Ethridge’s singing, but about why she won. She won because she is was a rock star, and she’s got all that name recognition going for her. You realize that most of the people who vote on the big awards haven’t seen the movies, heard the songs, or any of it. (It’s so notorious that PR people now send videos of nominated songs out to the voters, hoping that they’ll pop them into the TV.) So they all say “Jennifer Hudson? Never heard of her. But Melissa Ethridge is so cool. I’m gonna vote for her.” Look at past awards: any time a rock star has a nomination, the rock star wins.

  6. I can’t stand Melissa Etheridge. She likens herself to be this generation’s Janis Joplin, but, that she is not. What gets on my nerves so bad about her is how she pushes her lesbian-ness. I could care less if she has sex with hamsters. She just gets on my nerves.

  7. Nothing’s made me giggle as much today as KC with the Billy Squier. Hee.

  8. Jennifer Collins

    OMG!! I am One of Melissa Etheridge’s biggest fans! She is truely my idol. For the one’s who think she does not have a voice to sing with..YOU WOULD BE SOOOOOOOOO WRONG!!! To type those words even, Hurt me. I mean it…Melissa Etheridge may not sound like Faith Hill Or Carrie Underwood…YOu know what I say to that?? THANK GOD FOR GIVING US A NATURAL BORN SINGER! Melissa Etheridge is one of the most strongest Voices out there….Her talent is beyond anything I have ever heard, seen, felt, or consummed…I mean it. Her songs are the best Poetry in the entire world.
    The problem here is, Like Melissa Etheridge would say, “Quote” They have not woke up, from the American Dream….” So, if you allow yourself to look beyond curly pony tails and pink lip stick, beyond the fake nails and the dresses, you will find the best of talent. I am sooooo upset by this web site…this page to insult such a beautiful, god given talent as Melissa Etheridge. She could truely blow you out of the water! You know, she just won a grammy?? Ok, That should tell you something. There is a huge support group of fans out there for her and she has truly done an amazing job with her writing and YES, HER BEAUTIFUL VOICE.
    I think you should take time to buy a CD of hers and fall in love with the music. She is different, and verrrrry unique. That is what makes us all love Melissa soooooooo much. She is awesome!! She is the best of Poets…deep in her song writing…
    She is truely my inspiration. I am proud to admit that. I am a poet…among many poets…But no one, and I mean no one can touch what She has done for us writers and for the song writers….
    Get wise just a little, Come on, it doesn’t take much people. You will see That Melissa Eethridge is the best of the best. I am not saying you HAVE TO LOVE HER LIKE ALL OF US FANS DO….Just try to like her a little…You would be suprised. Thank you for taking time to read my opinion…and I speak for all her fans too…..Melissa Etheridge..WE LOVE YOU!
    You have the most beautiful smile as well….
    Peace out….. 🙂
    Thanks, Jennifer Ann Collins from Oklahoma….
    written on March 1st, 2007
    My Email Address is :

  9. Jennifer Ann Collins

    Ohh …This is Jennifer Ann Collins again…I made a typo there on my Opinion…Melissa Just won An Oscar……To correct my mistake…Ok, That truely tells you she is amazing….Ok thanks, Jen:)

  10. Um… so yeah, that right there’s a good example of why I almost make a point of avoiding blogging about celebrities and artists I don’t like or have a problem with, yup.

    I’d probably post a dozen times otherwise.

    Ugh, sometimes I hate Google.

    I remember seeing some other horrified fan comment on the ‘Coma’s blog a few months ago which reminded me again of why I try to avoid writing about stuff like that. Hee.

  11. “A dozen times a day” I meant, of course.

    Especially not about Clay Aiken. You will never ever catch me purposely blogging about Clay Aiken. I’ve seen what the Claymates do to blogger’s comment sections. Ugh.

  12. I kinda think Jennifer says it all: “I am sooooo upset by this web site…this page to insult such a beautiful, god given talent as Melissa Etheridge. She could truely blow you out of the water!”

    Actually, she probably does sing better than me, but that blowing part…somehow, I don’t think so (o:

  13. Man, it’s all I can do not to make the joke I want to but then you’ll REALLY be inundated with more overzealous Etheridge fans.

    I understand where they’re (not just Etheridge but all overzealous fans) coming from, it’s not like I’m not a complete zealot when it comes to a few.

    But I don’t think they realize that by posting so overzealously in a forum where people obviously aren’t fans, for their own reasons, the zealots just turn people off even MORE to whatever the topic is.

    I wonder if I can squeeze the word “zealous” and all alternate forms of it a few more times into this comment. But I’m not motivated to be that zealotous (sic) about it.

  14. that’s actually the joke I was trying to make (o;…but, hey, I’m no David Crosby!

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