We don’t get too many Violent Femmes in these parts, or, you DON’T want fries with that?

Roughly two weeks ago, I heard the anthemic Violent Femmes tune, ‘Blister in the Sun’ used as an intro to a Wendy’s commercial. Considering that the Femmes music, and particularly THAT song have been the musical equivalent of ‘Catcher in the Rye’ for teenage (and beyond) angst, AND they are actually good, AND considering the subject matter of the song, I was saddened to hear that the Femmes had sold the song like so many burgers (the Stones for Microsoft Windows 95 was the first blow). So, like many things that lodge in the old lint trap, I wrote about it.

Gordon Gano, lead singer of the Femmes, ‘owns’ the song, and I don’t really know the circumstances that led to the tune being peddled with fries. I was not a little surprised when I received a new comment yesterday to the original post, not only because the post had passed it’s ‘sale-by’ date in the realm of blogging, but mainly because a guy named Brian Ritchie made the comment. Brian plays bass for the Femmes and apparently is not going to be going to Wendy’s for fries anytime soon with Gordon Gano.

….when you see dubious or in this case disgusting uses of our music you can thank the greed, insensitivity and poor taste of Gordon Gano. It is his karma that he lost his songwriting ability many years ago, probably due to his own lack of self-respect as his willingness to prostitute our songs demonstrates.

I see my life’s work trivialized at the hands of my business partner over and over again, although I have raised my objections numerous times. As disgusted as you are I am moreso

Ritchie also makes clear that he will not be darkening the door of Wendy’s (or any other chain food eatery). I do know that I’m not the only owner of a blog who commented on this story that carries a comment from Brian. But, hey, I was jazzed anyway. I’m still a fan.


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7 responses to “We don’t get too many Violent Femmes in these parts, or, you DON’T want fries with that?

  1. That is just, again, so cool that he stopped by to comment. Hate to hear all that’s happened with them though, even though it’s a story heard time and time again in the music biz. For some reason it didn’t surprise me to learn Gano was behind it.

  2. VERY cool of him to comment!

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  6. Blister has been everywhere lately. I wondered what was going on. Even the band playing during the Preds’ intermission Saturday night covered it, albeit with modified lyrics considering the “family” audience. WRLT blasted it out the other day, too.

    It was so deliciously scandalous to be an eighth grader at my private Christian school back in the day and listen to that album while on a school trip. We were such rebels. 😉

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