I’m a hypocrite, and i’m guessing you are too, or, Al Gore may not practice what he preaches, therefore energy conservation is a waste of time and global warming is a carnard…

From the time my kids were able to understand, I’ve preached the gospel of accepting responsibility for one’s choices. Taking responsibility for choices is more than just lip service. It means that I accept the consequences of my actions.

The flip side of this is to forgive others their stupid choices and to employ grace when you really don’t fill like being graceful. We all know how good it feels to be truly forgiven, and on top of the forgiveness, the warmth and love accompanying the truly clean slate.

But, and this is a BIG but (so to speak), if you have the home movies of my life, how many times have I tried to weasel, to make excuses, to whine that life really isn’t fair or to lash out at the people around me who did nothing worse than be in the wrong place at the wrong time?. How many times have angry unforgiving words left my lips when I could have taken a higher road?

And the sad sad thing is, my family doesn’t have to see the movies: they got to see it live. Yeah, I have been a hypocrite and I’m guessing maybe you have too. The latter clause doesn’t excuse me one iota.

So..since I haven’t practiced what I preach, does that negate the kernal, the core of the truth? Should my kids lie, weasel, whine, twist the truth, and run off leaving others to deal with the wreckage?

The desire to conserve energy, the need to conserve energy and the public need for awareness about energy conservation is independent of how Al Gore lives his life. The need to wean ourselves from oil is more than a personal virtue. Energy independence will do more to stop terrorism than all the battalions in the Middle East.

Global warming either is or it isn’t. The fact that Al Gore says it’s so, doesn’t make it so, and all the right-wing pundits in the world decrying the ‘socialist’ nature of the global warming crowd won’t make it go away if it is indeed, a fact.

Personally, my evolving opinion on this will be based on what climate scientists have to say about this, and yeah, if it is true, it won’t matter one damn dime if any one of them owns stock in Exxon-Mobile.



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8 responses to “I’m a hypocrite, and i’m guessing you are too, or, Al Gore may not practice what he preaches, therefore energy conservation is a waste of time and global warming is a carnard…

  1. Vic

    Well put John. I was thinking about this yesterday, and if he’s not practicing what he’s preaching, then he’s wrong and we should call a spade a spade. No toeing the party line here. And you’re right, it certainly doesn’t make the sermon any less true and relevant.

  2. I like your style, mister.

  3. KC

    I kind of agree and kind of don’t.

    First off, I’m pretty eco-responsible, even though I’m agnostic about climate change. I figure if it’s real, what can it hurt to make small changes? I plant lots of trees, both at home and in Israel. We drive only one car and work from home as much as possible. We try very hard to use consumables from renewable resources (paper and glass instead of plastic.) We keep our thermostat low in winter, high in summer. In short, even though I don’t think all the facts are in re. this subject I imagine any small thing I can do is good. If CC is NOT real, then so what? I’ve saved myself some cash on utility bills, car payments and gasoline. Either way, no skin off my nose.

    What gets me about the Al Gore utility bills–aside from the fact that people aren’t minding their own freakin’ business–is that it is symptomatic of our class problems with government.

    Too many folks in government are of the income and lifestyle levels of Mr. Gore. They seem to think that the very expensive Green options they pursue should be made law and subsequently forced upon those of us who don’t have the same lifestyle and disposable income.

    Is Gore hypocritical? Maybe. Is it my problem? Not really. Not yet anyway. But should he try to be a part of any very expensive pro-green legislation I think then it should become my business. Seeing as how he’s trying to force me into it and all.

  4. John, great thoughts here, and I agree completely. The message should not be lost just because Al may not be following through as he should.

    KC, very good point about income levels. Our system for selecting leaders seems to preselect for income and arrogance. That’s a problem.

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  6. *clap, clap*
    Well said, my friend.

  7. I’ve been trying to write a post similar to this for days now. Glad I don’t have too since you did it for me!

  8. And Brittney had a post up at NiT the other day referencing katieallisongranju saying she was disappointed in Angelina Jolie (who advocates breastfeeding) for not breastfeeding her own baby. I felt the same way about that (nothin’ against katie), it’s just that same ideal in play. Just b/c AJ’s not breastfeeding her own kid doesn’t make the cause for breastfeeding any less important.

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