Hey, yo yo..I’ve got BINGO!!

Please check my card…I”ve got, in a row, Pacman smokes marijuana with his mother, Pacman withdraws over a thousand dollars from the bank in all ones, Pac’s posse shoots strip club employee, Gunplay at gas station while Pacman getting gassed up, and Pacman expectorates at night club and CONNECTS…..whooohoooooo!!!



Filed under tales of stupidity

4 responses to “Hey, yo yo..I’ve got BINGO!!

  1. Well I’ve got Pacman hits on missionary woman on flight from Tampa to Nashville, Pacman sustains neck strain from diamond-studded pacman necklace-bling, Pacman ponders existence outside himself and falls asleep from exhaustion, as well as your marijauna one and your stip club employee one.

    And all I got was this stupid t-shirt.

  2. I’ll take Pacman makes a heartfelt apology, gets probation and a small fine for $500, Alex.

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