Thumbs up to the mainstream media

I was watching Imus this morning. Imus was ranting about the conditions at Walter Reed Hospital, particularly Building 18 (out-patient long-term facility).

If we are going to send soldiers to fight this idiotic war, or any war, don’t we have an obligation to care for them when they return home?

That should be obvious, but it appears that many of the folks who berate us for not supporting the troops appear to support the troops only on THE WAY TO Iraq and Afghanistan and while they are on the battlefront. Returning veterans, thankfully, are not faced with the taunts and curses of the anti-war crowd, but instead are faced with the neglect and indifference of the military bureaucracy, at least for those who come home needed long-term care. And, let me add, that finger-pointing is directed at both sides of the ‘political aisle’ for this one.

So, here’s to mainstream media, chiefly The Washington Post for breaking this story and staying with it, and for not letting it go. Heads have rolled. Attention is being paid. The President should visit the facility himself and make it known that ‘a change had better come’.

Replacing the current head of the hospital was a good move. Replacing him with the guy who was in charge before him seems a bit odd, but attention has been focused.

I’m grateful for the mainstream media’s ability to investigate and spotlight. Kudos to Dana Priest for this story.   Keep it up.



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