No turmoil in Bellevue, and no magic in Memorial..

It was a light and windy Saturday on the plains of Bellevue. I was getting a fix for my girl’s soccer jones by mixing pleasure with pleasure: picking up my girl scout cookies from BusyMom AND watching BusyGirl’s U-14 rec league team attempt to play in what amounted to a crossfire windstorm.

I would estimate that I’ve watched several hundred girl’s soccer games and though there were times when I wished that maybe I could dial it down a bit, I have missed seeing soccer since my daughter quit playing in college. SO…when I found out I could pick up my girl scout cookies AND see a youth soccer game, I hopped to it. The Busy team played well, and actually outplayed the other team, but sadly, many shots went awry and the pesky off-sides rule stymied a few other chances. The game ended in a tie which, in this case, did not feel at all like kissing my sister. I didn’t have any Suburban Turmoil sightings, but I had enough fun with B-MO. And the BusyDaughter played very well despite the fact that she likes to play forward and was asked to play defense and the fact that the wind was whipping at an estimated 25 MPH…I’d say she did a busy fine job.

Sadly, the fun pretty much ended when I got to Memorial Gym to see Vandy’s regular season-ending game against Arkansas. The Razorbacks were ready to play. Vandy was not. I’ve seen fluffier pancakes at the Pantry, if you catch my drift.

The highlight of the Vandy game was the Cleveland Cavalier scout who sat next to me eyeballing Derrick Byers. The scout had watched a lot of game film on Derrick, and I assisted greatly by explaining in some detail that this was certainly not D’s best game (even though he scored 19 points). I feel certain that if Derrick is drafted by the Cavs to play with Lebron J, that I will deserve no little credit. The true highlight was my son’s friend who called during the game after he found out we were sitting with the scout. He called to inquire if Cleveland needed any 5’4″ white point guards…good times…sad ending for a great Vandy regular season.



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4 responses to “No turmoil in Bellevue, and no magic in Memorial..

  1. Well, Hubs and both my older girls were there- Does that count? I was actually at Starbucks, meeting up with two other bloggers!

  2. sheesh, coffee with bloggers…does it ever end??

    Nice pic of Lindsay over at Surburban Turmoil. Move over Demi Moore!

  3. Mack

    A Lindsey sighting would have indeed been icing on the cake. Good to hear you had a nice Saturday, the Vandy loss aside.

    I went to a friends to help him put down a hardwood floor, and instead we got drunk. Not a bad day.

  4. I guess you have a good excuse for not being at M-ship on Saturday. You’re forgiven. 😉

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