Anybody in Building 18 need some ice?

According to ABC News ‘Blotter’, the army contracted with a company called IAP Worldwide Services to administer medical support services at Walter Reed Hospital.. The really fun part of the this privatizing is that IAP’s bid was actually higher than the REAL cost that the army estimated it would take to run the place.

If IAP doesn’t sound familiar to you, think ICE DELIVERY AFTER KATRINA. Remember that debacle? Ice stored in trucks circling the nation’s interstates, cruelly mimicking the refugees leaving NOLA hoping for a port of call.

Internal memos now coming to light show that in 2006, according to the deputy (after IAP won the contract) to medical center’s commander that:

“WRAMC Base Operations and patient care services are at risk of mission failure.”

The head of IAP used to be an executive with, whattashock, Halliburton. Nothing too good for the troops, eh?

HT: Phil Arnold and S-townMike



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3 responses to “Anybody in Building 18 need some ice?

  1. evil, greedy, bastards indeed!

  2. Been screaming about this kind of criminal cronyism for years, only to be accused of owning the biggest tin-foil hat on the planet. Wait until the real story about the coal industries total control over Federal emissions standards. Wish I knew how to spell Schadenfruede.

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