I’m sorry, I have to work that day, or, dang, I’m not going to get to meet Campy

The Bloggers day on the Hill has been established and the invitations are on the net. Monday, March 26th and Tuesday March 27th are earmarked as the days that bloggers of all political orientation (this is HUGE!) get to hang with their legislators while they do legislative business. I’d love to attend, but my REAL JOB working hours are 8:00-4:30. Sadly, the brunt of the blogger activities fall within those hours.

If the hours were more appropriate for working stiffs such as myself, I was gonna launder my ‘You donnt haf to spel to b a bloggr’ pajamas and wear them to the gala event. I’m hoping someone will thank the Rep personally for protecting the poor by not allowing them to collect lottery winnings. Thank God, someone’s there to make their personal decisions for them!

Kudos to whomever opened up the event to ALL bloggers, and I am serious about that.



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8 responses to “I’m sorry, I have to work that day, or, dang, I’m not going to get to meet Campy

  1. Hutch, this is HUGE! tee-hee

  2. er, I mean, Hutch, this is HUGE!

  3. You are making me laugh.
    Unfortunately, I can’t come either.

  4. Ginger..you and Lynn been talking???

  5. (gasp! lolololol!) I ain’t touchin’ that question with a ten-foot pole!

  6. John–Sorry you can’t attend.

    This is a wonderful opportunity for bloggers to show they are serious in their political coverage.
    While I regularly go to sessions, Hobbs is about the only other blogger I ever see there.
    I hope bloggers use this time to get to know the important issues and understand how bills are introduced and sponsored and go on to become law, or, get bottled up in committee.

  7. Sharon – If I had a ton of leave, I might consider going. However, after Campfield’s shot at me about having a real job, I’m afraid if I did show up, it would look like my job doesn’t matter so much. My job matters a lot to me, and I still think Campfield owes me AND all state employees an apology.

    The irony of holding the blogger meetings during so-called normal working hours is interesting to me, but I do understand they are inviting bloggers to see normal business, and that usually occurs during the day.

    So, I won’t be attending. I’m hoping we can organize some more ‘lunch with the candidates’ events in the near future. I have enjoyed those outings.

  8. I missed what happened with Campfield and him threatening your job. That’s awful!
    It makes sense to hold this during business hours because it’s not a social meet-up, but an invitation to cover events at the Capitol.
    I know you love politics and covering politics, and you’re good at it and I wish you could go. Can you come late? I think the first day it goes until 6:00.

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