One man’s perjury is another man’s unjust burden to bear..

Here’s my question:

Did you applaud during the Clinton years  when seven independent councils, including Ken Starr ‘Chamber’, went after Clinton for years, spending literally billions of dollars? Did you gasp when the mountains labored mightily and brought forth the mouse of ‘my God, Clinton lied about having sex*’ charges?

If you applauded that action, please explain why the investigation of perjury of Scooter Libby was a waste of taxpayer’s money. Could it be that a different ox was being, dare I say, gored?

I suspect that Scooter will scoot by the end of Bush’s term. And perhaps he should be pardoned in two years. Meanwhile, the real story is the pre-9/11 fervor that some members of this administration had for attacking Iraq and the machination that evolved from that fervor. There’s a story there, and someday it will come out. Scooter just may be the first piece of that puzzle.

*I have said before and I will say again: Clinton should have resigned. Not because of the politically hatched impeachment charges, but because he did disgrace the office.



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4 responses to “One man’s perjury is another man’s unjust burden to bear..

  1. I happen to believe that Scooter Libby should get a light sentence, considering his only crime was perjury (and obstruction of justice). This idea that we should throw the book at him, so that he’ll flip on Cheney, et al, is ridiculous. If this were a poor black kid getting railroaded by prosecutors to flip on his superiors, I wouldn’t support that; so I can’t really support this.

    Large fines and community service are in order for Libby, not jail time.

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  3. Mack

    I agree, sort of, Sean. I was after public disgrace, but the Right’s noise machine will make sure that one day, we’ll have his mug on a coin….

  4. I don’t even want Libby to have any jail time at all. He’s somewhat of a fall guy, but he should have to bear some consequence for his actions. Despite the selective moral relativity of many on the right, perjury is not trivial.

    I think community service would be adequate, and like I said, I think Bush should eventually pardon him. What I do hope is that some enterprising reporter, blogger or concerned entity continues to probe the story of the deceptions that lead us into this ridiculous war.

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