A league of her own, or Doolittle, Doctor of swing..

Last night on American Idol, I heard at least five songs that were better than the best the men could come up with the night before. Not even close.

Take the gap between the men and women this year on American Idol, and then double it. That’s the gap between Melinda Doolittle and the rest of the field.

There are lotsa good voices on the female side of Idol this year. There are several really good performers. But, they almost all feel like mechanics compared to Doolittle. Doolittle is a 21st century Dinah Washington (with hopefully a better ending), and that is high praise.

Peggy Lee’s ‘I’m a Woman’ is a gutsy song to sing. The timing had just.better.be.exactly.right or the song sounds cartoonish. The chorus demands a roar, but is defeated by a shriek. Doolittle knows when to hold back and when to let go, and the woman can sing. America needs to get this one right.

Lakisha looked and sounded good. She picked the right Whitney Houston song and handled it nicely.

The only remotely edgy singer in the entire competition (Gina) laid down some metal vocals that were pretty much spot on, and even though Simon didn’t list her in the top four, I”m saying, watch out for Gina. Evanescence was a effervescent choice for Gina.

The stick-model with a pretty face who was inexplicably chosen over Tami Gosnell to make the final 24 is still on the show, barely. Antonella has a voice that makes Kate Moss seem fat, if you can call what she employs a voice. Clearly, libidinous-driven teenage boys are keeping her on the show, and her higher-hemline strategy was evident again this week. Her only hope to make it any further is for some kind of wardrobe malfunction.

Other folks were actually pretty good, but Melinda was so good that it’s hard to even consider them in the same league. Truly. The ironic thing about watching this show for me is that I rarely hear any music I would consider buying. I just enjoy the competition and the format. When Ms. Doolittle drops a CD, I’m going to buy it.



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3 responses to “A league of her own, or Doolittle, Doctor of swing..

  1. I think it has to come down to Melinda, Lakisha and Gina. The rest may as well pack their bags. Of the guys, I like Curly, the “should be in a boy band guy”, and hmmm… I’ve forgotten the rest.

  2. Mechanics? Who said mechanics couldn’t sing? My daddy was a mechanic and he did a great rendition of “I Think I’ll Just Sit Here And Drink” by Merle Haggard.

    Oh, did you mean singing by rote?

    uh, never mind.

  3. I so love Melinda and LaKisha. And even Antonella did better than all the guys did. Yeesh, where did they (the guys) come from? All of them sounded so much better in their auditions, but there seems to be some sort of collective choke factor going on there.

    And I love Evanescence, even though I am no longer a hipster. Gina did a quite respectable job on that song.

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