I get by with a little help from my ex, or the Heather Mills effect..

According to THIS story about divorce proceedings on a UK website, Heather Mills, Sir Paul McCartney’s ex, is asking for the equivalent of $20,000 per DAY so she can get by.   I know she was a model, but was she eking by on that amount of money before she met the Beatle?

Outside of Pacman Jones and his ilk, I’m not sure how you SPEND twenty thousand a day.  The really tacky thing to say here is that one wonders if she doesn’t get the money for which she is asking, will she be left out on a limb, but I’d never say that*.  I’ve got way too much taste.

*I’d also never say that her case doesn’t have a leg to stand on. No WAY I’d say that.



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9 responses to “I get by with a little help from my ex, or the Heather Mills effect..

  1. Thank you for coming by, folks. Hutch will be here all week. Enjoy your salads.


  2. There was no way she made that amount of money before she married Paul. She doesn’t even qualify as a “supermodel”.

    I haven’t been following this case really, but I assume there was a prenup?

    My $0.02 – The judge should either uphold the prenup, if there was one; or get current figures from some agency/agencies like Ford, Casablancas, Wilhelmina, whatever’s out there right now for what their average yearly income is for a high-paid model – but not a “supermodel” because she never was one – award her that + child support and be done with it. Maybe throw in an extra $20K a MONTH, maybe, just because she’s accustomed to being married to a Beatle and living large. But no more. That’s what I think.

  3. Sir Paul did NOT sign a pre-nup with this nut job. He thought it “wasn’t romantic”. Makes me love Paul all the more! Remember they have a child together so she’ll probably make more money off old Paul than Michael Jackson did.

  4. Well, in that case, she probably should be awarded some unbelievable sum. I dig Paul too but it wasn’t very smart of him not to do the prenup.

    In the case of the kid, I think if she was awarded some reasonable sum, he will do right and reasonable with the child support and (one would assume) a hefty trust for later. But I still don’t think she should get any crazy amount of money… as for her pre-Paul modeling career, it wasn’t like she was Christy Turlington or Cindy Crawford or Kate Moss or Linda Evangelista. I’m not saying her income should be reduced to whatever it was before the marriage, but any judge that awards her $20K a day or even close is even batshit crazier than she is.

  5. Since they are both single and you mentioned them, I think we should set Heather Mills up with Pacman.

    A match made in hell if ever there was one!

    And ladies, I asked Sir Paul to marry me when I was 7, and I am going to ask him again, so hands off in case you had any ideas of Sir Paul being your next ex husband.

  6. I’d also never say that her case doesn’t have a leg to stand on.


    But it made me laugh.

  7. I can see that Sharon Cobb and I are going to have to throw down over MY MAN!

  8. mybeautifulwickedness

    Consider that dude is worth between 500k pounds (his estimate) and 825k pounds (hers). Even if you take the lowball estimate, which is probably way way low, she’s asking for a lump-sum settlement of 40 million pounds. (Or between 5-8% of his total worth.) That is crazy big money, but it’s also is an alimony BARGAIN, all things considered and in line with what British law supports for the length of their relationship and considering that they had a kid. He has a track record of being a tightwad, but one would think that he would wish to be rid of the aggravation of it all.

  9. See, if Paul had just married me instead, he could have gotten off cheap. If I really cut some corners, think I could probably eek by on $10K a day.

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