Mental housecleaning, or sometimes music just makes me happy..

I happen to read my friend Ginger’s post just about the time I started thinking about writing this one, so instead of the obvious plagiarism theory, I’m going with the ‘great minds’ theory. Or perhaps fifty percent of the theory, at least

Actually, Big Joe started this, but I swear last night I watched a re-run of Letterman which featured ‘The Shins’ and they sang a song from their new CD that just made me smile – one of those growing smiles that just takes over.. Jangly guitars* just make me happy, since the first time I heard the Byrds incredible version of Dylan’s ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ through REM all the way to ‘Clap your Hands say Yeah’.

I’ve listened to ‘The New Pornographers’ Bleeding Hearts Club about 285 times since it came out, and I still feel the glow when they leave the words behind and move into the glorious inarticulate speech of the heart swelling the last two minutes of the song.

The rising surge of New Order’s Perfect Kiss and the portentous intro of ‘Hells Bells‘ (AC/DC NOT Hayseed Dixie, lol) give me the smiling willies. I don’t know if I feel that I have the power to take on the world so much that I just don’t care, because nothing else matters for those fleeting moments.

Pretty much anything by the Replacements or Guided by Voices has the same effect. Something that aspiring musicians and Idol-ators should remember:

there ain’t nothing like a hook.

Sometimes those hooks get me though the day.

*Johnny Marr when he played for the Smiths may be the epitome of the jangle artistry. Unfortunately if you listen to more than three Smith songs in a row you pretty much have to check yourself into padded cell city where they take away anything sharper than a crayon. But, I do love me some Smiths, in smallish doses.



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2 responses to “Mental housecleaning, or sometimes music just makes me happy..

  1. You know, I don’t exactly know why it’s this way with The Smiths. I know so many people that basically feel the same way you do and I can’t think of too many bands that cause quite that reaction (or even more minimally, as I’ll discuss in a sec). A lot of my friends loved The Smiths, many hated them, and then there was that weird “small doses” in between. You just don’t find that too often. And those that loved them would listen to The Queen is Dead 24/7.

    Me – while I have a huge appreciation of Johnny Marr, to this day the only Smiths tune I can really stand to listen to is “How Soon Is Now?”, which is an all-time fave. The rest? Nope.

    I honestly can’t think of another band right now that did one of my all-time big fave songs that I don’t also like at least a couple or three more of their songs. The Smiths are just kind of an oddity that way (for me anyway).

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