Thomas Eagleton goes out with class..

Today at the funeral of the late Senator Eagleton (D-Illinois), a letter written by Eagleton was read aloud:

Go forth in love and peace, and be kind to dogs…

Former Senator George McGovern was later heard to say that he agreed with that sentiment, at least 1000%. You might have to be as old as I am to get that ‘joke’.



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3 responses to “Thomas Eagleton goes out with class..

  1. I told you that you were too young…

    Eagleton was George McGovern’s original running mate when he ran for president in 1972. During the campaign it was disclosed that Eagleton had been hospitalized for depression when he was younger, and had in fact, been given shock treatment.

    When the news came out and McGovern was asked if Eagleton would remain on the ticket, McGovern responded by stating, YES, and I’m behind him 1000%. Two days later, of course, Eagleton was dropped from the ticket.

    This, and many other miscues, along with the fact that McGovern was more liberal than 80% of the public led to his disasterous defeat. I voted for him of course, but I was a young lefty radical, and after all, he was running against Tricky Dick.

    Looking back on it now, I should have voted for pretty much any 3rd party candidate with a pulse.

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