Is ’24’ slicing the shark, or, Logan’s run is done, somewhat predictably..

Maybe my memory is faulty (haha…maybe..snicker), but I don’t remember the last few seasons of ’24’ being so predictable. [WARNING: SPOILER AHEAD]. Several times this year, the show has been as predictable as one of those family shows where you know that ‘dad’ is gonna be a dolt and do something really stupid while mom and the kids roll their eyes.

Tonight was no exception. If you didn’t see that the vexed ex-president’s ex was about to knife her ex, then you haven’t flexed enough Tee-Vee muscle. The camera only showed the knife half a dozen times with all the foreshadowing subtlety of a can of spinach in a Popeye cartoon. Sheesh.

I guess it’s too much to expect the writers to surprise us for twenty-four episodes each year, but I do think they ought to hire a panel of predictability experts who can vet the script for the obvious…just like if the predictability squad was vetting this post.. they could have smelled shark a mile off.



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5 responses to “Is ’24’ slicing the shark, or, Logan’s run is done, somewhat predictably..

  1. I think the show “jumped the shark” at the end of last season with the introduction of Chloe’s “ex-husband” as a character. It officialy sank when they set off the nuke this season. Check out my “updated” drinking game for 24–sadly it seems to be the only thing that gets me through an episode now.

  2. Agreed about the knife. I was kind of hoping she would stab herself.

    I like when people die on shows like this and Lost – one less person to have to keep up with.

  3. Gotta agree. Given the endless torture and terminal games of Jack B., the nuke to begin this season, and creator Surnow’s decision to create a “comedy” show for FOX news, the “24” phenom is playing out pretty badly.

    Give me “Heroes” instead, thanks very much.

  4. Roger Abramson

    Thus far it’s been an off-season, that’s for sure. But there’s a whole half-day left. Wait and see.

  5. I called the stabbing the minute they focused on the knife…

    It made me wonder why if she’s in an institution they were allowing her to have sharp objects…

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