Trouble in WordPress paradise? or, if you observe a post closely does it change?

I don’t know what’s going with WordPress* today, but  I’ve had  disappearing posts, comments, and  even  re-appearing Spam. For a while, if you clicked on  my aggregated link at NIT,  you’d get an evil ‘404‘ message.    I don’t know if the success of the Lynnster  the Pied Piper of WP has led to an overload, but I’m afraid the rats may be eating the cables.   From what I can tell, I don’t appear to be alone.   So, if you’ve been kind enough to comment around here, don’t feel insulted if your comment completely disappears…it’ll show up sooner or later.

On another somewhat related note, isn’t it odd that if you are on blogger, the Blogger spell check thinks that ‘blogger’ is a misspelled word, AND if you are on WordPress, that WP thinks ‘WordPress’ is also misspelled?

Nonetheless, I’m still glad to no longer be burdened with Blogger.



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5 responses to “Trouble in WordPress paradise? or, if you observe a post closely does it change?

  1. Actually, ‘WordPress’ isn’t how you spell it; it’s WordPress. Of course it also says that’s misspelled, because the spellcheck (which also isn’t a word, apparently) is a different program, integrated into WP.

    But back to your point, WordPress is vastly superior to blogger. But it’s still going to have some hiccups, as all systems will. Even if you “went it on your own” you’d have occasional problems (I know I do).

    But I’m glad you’re happy either way.


  2. Jonathan – the ‘hiccup’ is noticeable because WordPress has been such a great platform for me (and many others). I was used to problems with Blogger and put up with a lot of ‘outages’ until I finally had enough, AND I had a blogger angel.

    I tried spelling WordPress several ways just to see if their spellcheck program would let one through. I know they have a separate program, but I gotta believe that somehow the word ‘WordPress’ could be ‘back-doored’ in. Ironically, blogger ISN’T a misspelled word in WP.

    Anyway, I am more than pleased, which is why I was surprised that things seemed out of sorts. I guess my fear is that WP’s success and superior product is going to be a problem…ironically.

  3. I’ve noticed at times there are some (usually very slight) delays, like I’ll change something in my sidebar and it doesn’t show up immediately. There were a couple of times I left comments on other people’s WP blogs today that it took a minute or two for them to show up. First place I usually go when something’s wonky are the forums – I found this today which sort of explains why some/all things might be delayed sometimes:

    Of course, after the forums, you can always use the Feedback button (top right) too to contact support – something might be wrong and they may not know about it if you don’t report it – and someone with WP will probably get back to you, if not immediately, within an hour or so. Even if it turns out nothing’s wrong, they probably have an explanation for why something’s doing whatever.

    The other day when Sista’s template suddenly went all wonky with pics & sidebar missing, I went to the forum and sure enough, there were already three threads about it and some WP associates were trying to figure out what was going on.

    I don’t know this, but I’m thinking some of the delays/hanging today may have been caused by them doing lots of extra work on the WP system as a whole today – there was a huge security problem w/ over the weekend that I was just reading about a little while ago, so they may be working extra to fix things with that.

    I got a chuckle a little while later reading one of the Blogger “longtime user/expert” sites reporting about that and basically saying at least WP admits when they have problems (and linked back to a post about Blogger’s silence about some of their major probs lately). Heh.

  4. “at least WP admits when they have problems”

    Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone just admitted when they didn’t know an answer? if services admitted when they had problems? if politicians own up when they screw up?

  5. Yeah, I can think of one politician in particular… oops sorry, I gave up talking about him for Lent. 😉

    Hey John, I was doing some checking for another reason last night and it turns out that WordPress did indeed do a server update that they think has caused some weirdness all about w/… in any case, unlike Blogger that would just let it stay messed up indefinitely, they are working to fix the problems they’re finding. 🙂

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